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Political Ideologies: Tribalism, Nationalism, Liberalism, and Conservatism

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Realism is a political ideology that emphasizes the autonomous power of a state. It postulates that nations derive their motivation from the national interest. It, therefore, implies that a country seeks to preserve its national autonomy and territorial integrity before extending its power to international issues ( Prinz, 2020). After achieving its interest, states can take any form of developing an interest in any other issue at the international level, such as expanding its territory or security more resources. It further maintains that a state relies on its support to secure its interests to maintain a desirable domestic and international order. Liberalism, on the other hand, is a political doctrine that emphasizes the political ties and connection as a way to create global peace between states. It is a political idea that emphasizes political interdependence at the international level ( Young, Bagozzi, Goldring, Poulsen & Drouin, 2019). It encourages different international institutions such as the United Nations and their role in fostering peace among countries in the world. 

The politics of tribalism, on the other side, emphasizes the politics of loyalty to a specific tribe. The political ideology of tribalism is divisive within a particular group or tribe within a state. It favors more a specific tribe whose leaders are on power than the minority tribe that has less representation on the government. Lastly, nationalism political ideology that protects the particular nation. It is an ideology that emphasizes the collective action by political and social movements on behalf of specific governments. 

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Liberalism Policies 

Liberalism is a political ideology that has had a lot of impacts both nationally and at the international level. In the United States, for instance, a policy that encourages same-sex is an example of a policy that is passed with liberal political ideology at a national level. On June 26 th, 2015, the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages bringing to halt the discussion that was culminating in the United States for a decade ( Erlangsen et al., 2020). In the year 2004, same-sex marriage was only legal in one state, but the decision by the Supreme Court would later see many states implementing a policy that allows for same-sex marriage in the country. Also, a policy such as allowing abortion in the country can be considered to have been made from liberalism political ideology in the United States. 

At the international level, there are a lot of policies that are set based on liberal political viewpoints. A good example is an open trade policy that fosters trading between countries to enhance mutual benefits between the countries. People make the trade policies are with a liberal political viewpoint because they aim to create unity between countries in finding a solution to economic issues in the world ( Bourchier, 2019). Another good example is policies that set an organization such as Interpol or the International Criminal Court. All these are made with liberal viewpoints because they enhance stability for many countries and bring them together. 

The Current Status Of The World 

Liberalism is the political idea that describes the current state of the world. It is evident from the fact that in the contemporary world, the emphasis is on the connection between countries. Currently, forming political ties such as NATO and Interpol and other international organizations such as the World Bank that helps many states during pandemics are becoming the foundation of political connectivity ( Prinz, 2020). The best of all these ideologies is liberalism. It is because it has created a connection between different countries. It enhances development and connectivity, and this is critical for global development. 


Political ideologies such as tribalism, nationalism, liberalism, and nationalism are the foundation of political decision making in the world. All these political ideologies stand differently from each other, and this defines the political system each country uses that are unique. However, liberalism political idea has far-reaching impact in different counties in the world. Therefore, it stands as the best political ideology that has fostered a lot of connectivity and has brought togetherness both at the national and international levels. 


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