4 May 2022


Political Leaders in Latin America Then and Now

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Bartolome de Las Casas is considered as one of the most influential icons in the Latin America. He was a Spanish Dominican born in 1434 in Spain and sailed to America at a tender age of eight years, with his parents (De Las Casas, 2014). His main legacy is attributed to the fact that he fought for the rights of the native Latino community, who are regarded as slaves by the Spanish people. He was the only Spanish who made a strong stand against the atrocities horrors and conquests by the Spanish colonization; he fought against his people for the love of the Native Americans (Zinn, 2016). His view of Spanish colonization from a Catholic spiritual perspective was a God’s test to the people of Spain; he attributes his stand to the right direction the people of Spain should have taken instead of colonizing the natives.

The current president is of Columbia Juan Manuel Santos, on the other hand, can be considered a representative of Bartolome de Las Casas of the twenty-first century. This is attributed to the fact that he has successfully brought peace with the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia, FARC. His legacy is directly linked to the achievement of fighting for peace regardless of the costs, the country has to pay to ensure a peaceful Columbia. Just as Bartolome de Las Casas is considered the defender of the Native Americans, President Santos as well is considered the father of peace to the country of Columbia. After the freeing of the Native Americans that were enslaved in the Las Casas home compound, the residents gained the strength to fight for their freedom from the Spanish colonialists in the spirit of Bartolome Las Casas (Zinn, 2016). In the same way, the people of Columbia will always attribute peace to the president Juan Manuel Santos, and their strength and courage will be attributed to Santos who pioneered peace seeking.

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De Las Casas, B. (2014). CHAPTER SIX LAS CASAS, VITORIA, AND SUAREZ, 1514-1617 ENRIQUE DUSSEL. Human Rights from a Third World Perspective: Critique, History and International Law , 170-173.

Zinn, H. (2016). A people's history of the United States. NY: Boxtree.

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