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Politics and Culture in the Developing World

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Development is accompanied by the destruction of indigenous values and cultures and adopting values and cultures from industrialized countries (Payne & Nassar, 2015). Development comes with numerous political, social, economic, and cultural advantages. However, it also comes with negative consequences on the society. The environment, social orders and culture, cohesion and political stability and equality are some of the negative aspects that are brought about by development. Usually, those who are not financially stable are affected the most by the changes brought about by development. They do not have the capacity to meet the demands. Often times, there is a cost paid by nations in an effort to adjust to new developments. 

One of the societal aspects that suffers a great deal with development is culture. Cultural values are usually washed away with civilization and people tend to borrow behavior and demeanor from others. They eventually forget the traditional values and embrace a new one favored by most people (Payne & Nassar, 2015). Other than affecting the people's cultures, development also has profound political and economic effects on the society. As Payne and Nassar (2015) state, the difference in development rates and inequality among nations has been contributed to by development. They also state that issues such as corruption and political instability are also affected by development. The environment has also suffered significantly because of development. Deforestation, pollution and destruction of arable lands for quarries, mines, roads, towns, and cities, and airports is a result of development. The destruction of forests and pollution now poses a great danger to humans because most people have chosen civilization over nature. With time, life has become smoother as almost everything is done smoothly but all seems problematic if care is not urgently taken. 

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The adoption of values and culture of industrialized nations has had a significant effect on communities. Development has negative effects on political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of a given society. It is impossible to have development and maintain the cultural fabric due to issues such as consumerism and civilization. People who live during times of development are often tasked with changing their ways of life and how they do things with the emergence of new developments. Usually, the poor are heavy laden because they do not have the capacity to meet the needs of shifts in the ways things are done. It leads to social inequality among people and destroys the cohesion within a given society. 


Payne, R. J., & Nassar, J. (2015). Politics and culture in the developing world. Routledge. 

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