27 May 2022


Positive Energy and the Use of Positive Reinforcement

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My strong personal educational belief is positive energy. I believe that a teacher can achieve the desired results of high performance and even good behavior among learners, if there is positive energy. Positive energy is what drives good results from the learning process. It is the reason positive energy is my basic guiding principle in the teaching profession. 


Positive energy involves creating high enthusiasm and motivation among the learners. It is about driving the interest to learn into the learners. Moreover, positive energy entails making students to have the preference for the good and desired behavior while in school. Positive energy is simply about instilling a good emotional tone within the classroom and in the learning environment. During my internship, I am sure I will apply this belief. I will implement it using the positive reinforcement model of learning. 

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The first way I will use positive reinforcement to ensure positive energy is achieved. Positive reinforcement entails creating incentives for good behavior and high academic performance by the students. I will always recognize and reward the learners who behave well. Every time I witness positive behavior from a learner, I will parade him or her before the entire school assembly and commend as well as praise him or her for the action done. I will use monetary tokens to reward those who behave well and perform highly. 

The second way I will implement positive energy during my internship will be through teaching positive actions and behaviors. The school may lack positive energy for absence of knowledge about the right behavior and ways of achieving excellence in education. Therefore, I will give student these lessons. These lessons will be offered through student camps and conferences on moral behaviors in the school. Students will be provided with tips of ensuring they maintain good behavior including avoiding bad company and attending church services for religious teachings. 


Finally, I will implement the positive energy belief by creating and publishing a code of conduct for the classroom. This code of conduct will guide the behavior of learners, particularly when they are in the classroom. When there is a code of conduct for students to follow, it becomes a source of reference for all the actions that they take. The code of ethics and good conduct in the classroom provides the framework within which the students choose the right actions top do. 

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