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Power of Texas Governor vs. Power of the U.S. President

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In the United States, the government is formed in such a way that it is made up of several states. The supreme level is referred to as the federal government also referred to as the central government. At the lower level is the state government. The central government is headed by the president and the state is headed by a government. This research paper is aimed at the Central government of the US and the state of Texas. We are going to compare and contrast the powers of the president and that of the governor and also getting detailed insights of their powers. 

The federal government is headed by the presidents whose powers are stated by the constitution and will only go by the constitution to wield power vested on him. He makes various decisions pertaining to the central government which includes the decisions on trade policies, foreign policies and even the military control powers unlike the state’s governor of Texas whose powers are limited within the states jurisdictions. The state’s governor must operate within the constitution plus other by-laws that are only restricted within that particular state. This makes the powers given to the president referred to as formal power and that of the governor as informal (Bernick, 1979). The governor is tasked with the same roles as the president only that it’s at a much lower level within the states only. 

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Texas has not yet struck the right balance in terms of the gubernatorial powers as their powers are limited to a much extent in some ways. Texas governor should be given more power under his jurisdiction. Being that the governor has no cabinet, he or she just has to appoint the majority in the various commissions and states boards as asserted by Sigelman and Dometrius (1988). The only way the people can give him this power is by lobbying for the right people to be on the state’s boards and commissions. The people who hold executive powers in Texas have no direct control over Texas. Therefore, they can form by laws so as to give the governor more power at the states level. 


Bernick, E. L. (1979). Gubernatorial tools: Formal vs. informal.   The Journal of Politics  41 (2), 656-664. 

Sigelman, L., & Dometrius, N. C. (1988). GOVERNORS AS CHIEF ADMINISTRATORS The Linkage Between Formal Powers and Informal Influence.   American Politics Quarterly  16 (2), 157-170. 

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