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Problem-Solving Skills: Definition and Examples

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The focus of this study is on problem-solving. It will involve extensive analyses of a problem at a workshop. The main problem to be analyzed is the designing of a new suitcase. The 21 step synectic step has been applied. 

1. Task headline 

In this step, the main goal of this process is to develop a suitcase that can be used in carrying up to 20 kilograms of luggage. 

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2. Problem identification 

Due to the lack of elegant suitcase for the high-income earners, it is important to develop a suitcase that will appeal to this group. 

3. Causes 

The main cause of such scarcity is due to lack of proper market awareness on the importance of elegant suitcases for men. 

4. Objectives 

To develop an elegant suitcase that will be appealing to the customers. 

5. Task analyses 

The briefcase development will require cloth materials, sponges, and metal frame and metal holders. It will also require rivets for fastening. 

6. Springboards 

In this step, I will focus on developing the suitcase with the available limited resources. If such resources were not limited, more expensive material such as gold ribbons would have been used in the decoration of the suitcase. 

7. Generating of alternatives 

The alternative to the problem-solving in this case involves the development of expensive of a cheap or expensive suitcase. 

8. Analyses of alternative 

An expensive suitcase will be more appealing to the high-income earners as compared to a low-cost suitcase. 

9. Selection 

In this set, an elegant briefcase has been identified as the most appropriate item. It will appeal to high-end customers. 

10. Ways and means 

The development of the suitcase will require the hiring of suitcase sewing machines, clothing as well as other relevant materials. 

11. Emerging idea 

It is possible to develop the suitcase using locally available materials since they are cheaper. Services of local artisans will also aid in its completion. 

12. Itemized response 

The development model for the suitcase, which has been identified as the most suitable. 

13. Initiation of production 

This step will involve the actual initiation of the suitcase development process. 

14: adding 

The step will involve the joining together of the materials that will be used in the designing of the suitcase. There are the basic materials including the frame of the suitcase. 

15: repeating 

This will involve repeating of the same sequence in the development of the basic frame of the suitcase. For instance, the opposite sides of the suitcase are likely to have the same dimensions and hence the development will involve repeating the sequence of one side on the other. 

16: combining 

In the development of a suitcase, multiple materials will be combined to develop the desired look and structure of the briefcase. It is evident that some areas of the briefcase will require soft materials while the other areas will require hard materials. 

17. Subtract 

The process will involve trimming of unnecessary areas of the visit case materials giving the suitcase a good look. 

18. Multiply 

This will involve using of similar rivets or threads in tightening the briefcase on all corners as well as on the seam lines. 

19. Listing workable solutions 

In this case, the briefcase will be made from local or imported high-quality materials. Equally, it may be designed to appeal to men who use them on official trips or casual trips. 

20. Most suitable solution 

The most suitable product that will be developed is as indicated in the diagram below: 

21. Next step 

The step involves influencing the stakeholders to accept the new product. Such stakeholders include the customers. 

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