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Project Management Areas

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Project management is a broad subject which consists of several areas. One of the most notable areas of project management is the human resource management area. Project human resource management involves all of the processes that help a manager organize, manage, direct and lead his project team. Thusly, human resource management can be described as the most vital area of project management because it entails managing people who run the project. Additionally, without the employees, there would be no project. This is why this project management area requires skilled labor and knowledge to control. The human resource manager has to have the knowledge and skills which will help him or her manage the personnel so that the business or organization can achieve its set objectives. 

Every organization consists of employees with different abilities and character sets, and it is the responsibility of the human resource manager to control these people in such a way as for them to work together. When people from different backgrounds and cultures work together, there is a high chance that conflict will arise, albeit once in a while. If these conflicts are not managed well, they may affect the performance of the employees and of the organization in the long run. It is important for every human resource manager to be well knowledgeable in order to competently run the organization. The human resource manager needs to be equipped with the knowledge of recruiting new employees, their selection and training. This is a very essential part of human resource management because it helps the organization get the best employees into the corporate world. The manager needs to have the knowledge of conducting interviews so that he can get the best candidates for the company. He or she also needs to have the best strategy on job retention to avoid high cases of employee turnover. 

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The human resource manager needs to be equipped with at least some knowledge that pertains to the art of negotiation, as this places him in quite a good position with regards to conflict management. The human resource manager in any organization needs to have some knowledge in psychology. This helps him or her learn human behavior such that he or she knows how to deal with different people from different backgrounds and cultures. It also helps the manager to detect any changes in behavior and additionally, to know when to sack an unproductive employee. The human resource manager should be equipped with knowledge in communication and media in order for him to be able to pass across important information to his fellow employees and to the public as well. He also needs to have enough knowledge of state and federal laws, legal codes and procedures, as this will help him or her handle legal matters concerning the employees in a manner that’s constitutionally acceptable. 

Apart from being knowledgeable of how to manage the human resource department, the human resource manager requires certain skills for the success of the organization. First of all, the he requires the skills of negotiation to help solve differences between conflicting colleagues (Schleifer & Bruce, 2006) . This skill makes him a mediator in case there are differences among his employees. It is important for a human resource manager to possess excellent skills in communication and public speaking. The task of the human resource manager is to make orders and give direction on how the set objectives of the organization are to be met (Schleifer & Bruce, 2006) . The manager’s main task is to communicate policies and goals to his employees. This makes it a necessity for any person seeking to manage the human resource department to possess excellent communication and public speaking skills. The human resource department involves making of tough decisions about the organization. These decisions require a person with excellent critical thinking skills, as only these will be in a position to analyze a situation before making any judgment. 

For one to successfully manage the human resource team, they need to possess the skill of active listening, to their juniors in just as well as to their superiors. It is important for the manager to have this skill so that he can listen to complaints, contributions and the feedback from other employees. When the employees are listened to, they feel appreciated and this increases their productivity. A manager heading the human resource team needs to possess decision making skills which will help him make the best decisions concerning the organization. The human resource manager requires the skill of evaluation which helps him or her identify the measures to be taken in order to achieve the goals of the organization (Bisk) . This skill also helps the manager know the course of action to take for the organization to achieve its set objectives. 

Every organization requires human resources for its success. This is because the human resource plays a very vital role in running of the organization. One of the most notable responsibilities entrusted to the human resource department is recruitment (Mayhew, 2017) . This task helps the organization empower their workforce with new people who have different abilities and skills. Recruitment helps the organization replace employees who have left the organization or add more workforces to the existing one. This process involves identifying a vacant position that needs to be filled, advertising the position to the public, conducting interviews and managing the hiring process (Flavia, 2016) . Without this project area, the organization would not carry out the recruitment process. The human resource project area has the task of providing compensation and benefits to its employees when need be (Mayhew, 2017) . The human resource has the task of providing benefits such as health coverage and retirement benefits to its employees. It is the task of the human resource project area to formulate compensation structures for its employees. It is this project area that is entrusted with the task of training new employees on what is expected of them in the organization. The human resource also conducts trainings for the old employees on emerging issues that they need to learn about (Mayhew, 2017) . 

Every organization is managed by many project management areas which work together to achieve the organization’s goals. One of the basic project management is the human resource which controls all the activities that concern the people running the project team. The human resource is entrusted with various tasks that affect the project team. The human resource plays the role of recruiting new employees into the organization; it formulates the compensation and benefits structures and hold training to new and old staff. The human resource project area helps to maintain healthy employee relations in the work area ( University of California, Riverside, 2016). A person heading the human resource needs certain knowledge and skills to effectively run this department. The human resource should have the knowledge on communication and media so that they can effectively pass information to the employees and the public. They also need to have enough knowledge on the laws and rules of the government. The human resource manager needs to have enough knowledge on human psychology so that they can know how to deal with different people with different behaviors. In addition to the knowledge to manage this department, these managers require certain skills. These skills include critical thinking skills, communication and public speaking skills, skills to handle negotiations, decision making skills, and the skill to coordinate the human resources effectively among others. The human resources of an organization play a key role in achievement of the set objectives and it requires skilled personnel to manage it. 


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