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Psychoanalytic Therapy: What You Need to Know

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Psychoanalytic therapy is a technical procedure used in the investigation of unconscious mental processes and can be employed in the treatment of mental illnesses. It is important to note that it is based on the theories of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. This technique tends to follow up the experience an individual has had from childhood and see how they have affected an individual’s life or the current situation a person is in . As compared to other therapeutic techniques it aims at making deep-seated changes in the life of the affected individuals. This method has been applied in the case of Stan has discussed below. 

Stan can be considered to be a very troubled young man, and his problems majorly come from low self-esteem. These can be traced back from his childhood. They may have arisen on the way his mother dominated over his father and him being the only son in their family. He ends up having a poor image of his father. It becomes worse when he finds a wife with almost the same tendencies as his mother. The result is that he feels down in virtually every aspect of his life and he lacks motivation and encouragement. 

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Psychoanalytic style can be applied in this scenario to help Stan have a different view of life regardless of what he underwent. First, there is a need for the therapist to listen to the whole concerns and analyze the patterns of all the events that may hold to be significant in Stan’s life. He would then involve Stan to talk without opposition as he listens keenly to every single statement and this would make him determine any repetitive pattern ( O' dell , 1974). 

The therapist would then transfer the thoughts or feelings connected to the influential figures in Stan’s life. He should discuss these transferences with him so that he gains further insight into the way he should deal with people in his life. The final step would be to interpret keenly all the information provided in the process of discussion. The therapist can also ask Stan about his dreams and tries to relate them to his situation as asserted by O'dell (1974). 

This psychoanalytic therapy can best help in solving Stan’s problems as discussed above as it is more suited to deal with general concerns related to that of Stan. When done enthusiastically Stan can still change his mind and live a healthy life. 


O' dell , S. (1974). Training parents in behavior modification: A review.    Psychological Bulletin ,    81 (7), 418. 

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