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Psychology: Psychology, scientific study of the behavior of living organisms

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The paper explores various sub-topics which cover the concept of psychology. It begins by explaining the content of social psychology by analyzing the ideas of Milgram's experiment. Other areas that are discussed in the paper include the notion concerning online personality tests, normality and abnormality behaviors and the general perception of judgment. 

Social Psychology 

Milgram experiment is among the famous studies that address the concept of obedience in psychology. The experiment focuses on the conflicts that arise between an individual's conscience and obedience to authority. More so, Milgram's interest was to discover how an ordinary person would be influenced into committing atrocities. From the experiment, it is true that an average person is likely to adhere to any order given by an authority figure regardless of the impact it has on the life of an innocent person. 

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Personality Tests 

Personality tests aim at determining both my strengths and talents. It is also a method that assesses the personality construct of every human being. More so, personality tests can provide necessary insight about the main components that make up who people think I am. I agree with the fact that the IPIP-NEO Personality test online is accurate. For instance, over 500,000 people have completed the above online tests where majority claim that the analysis provides reliable and precise results compared to shorter versions ( Smith & Haslam, 2017) . The estimate asserts that the scoring program for IPIP-NEO Personality test online performs efficiently and that it offers feedback almost 99% of the time. In other words, it can estimate the personality characters of an individual with far greater precision. 

Is It Normal? 

Abnormal refers to the aspect of deviating from what is usual and reasonable. By applying personal distress as a criterion for identifying abnormal behaviors, one can learn much about what is considered to be an abnormality. An example of an unusual behavior is that of depression. Depression behavior is a form of deviation from the ideal mental stability. It prohibits an individual from functioning rationally. For instance, the act of laughing when one of your friends is sick is considered to be abnormal. 


After seeing the title "Judgment," whatever that comes into my mind is the aspect of making a sensible conclusion of the given scenario. In all circumstances, judgment should involve establishing a determination based on what someone thinks is right after making a rational perception of something or person. For example, one can judge an item depending on its appearance. 


Smith, J. R., & Haslam, S. A. (Eds.). (2017). Social psychology: Revisiting the classic studies . Sage. 

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