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Religious Beliefs in Business Ethics

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To What Extent Should Personal Religious Beliefs Impact Our Decisions About Business Ethics?

The impact of individual religious dogmas on choices associated with business principles should only be allowed to happen within acceptable limits and boundaries. Considering that people engaging in business may be having varied personal beliefs with regard to their religion, they should not be permitted to interfere with the judgment and decisions of others. The common grounds for a determination of the acceptable extent of allowing personal and religious beliefs to influence decisions on business ethics should be guided by legal expectations and requirements (Fernando, 2009). 

To What Extent do Your Personal Religious (Or Non-Religious) Beliefs About Life Impact Your Sense Of Business Ethics and Personal Decision-Making?

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Business ethics and decision-making should not entirely rely on one’s religious or non-religious beliefs because businesses are largely founded on a collection of certain ethics that are unique for various businesses. However, people involved in businesses are usually motivated by religious and personal beliefs in the daily life. As such, it is important for such beliefs to influence the basis of decision-making regarding business ethics ( Dowling and Scarlett, 2005). 

Does it seem odd to connect every belief we have about life back to what we believe about God?

Not really because belief in God is largely associated with the manner in which we perceive and view life. Belief about God forms the basis of our belief regarding various issues and aspects of life. Our purpose in life is defined by our relationship with our maker who happens to be God. 

Article 1- “What is a worldview and why is it important to me?”

Have Your Answers to Either of the First two Questions Changed after Reading Article 1?

The reading of article 1 has not caused any change to my answers given for the first two questions. 

Do You Believe in Absolute Truth? Is there More than One Way/Religion to Understanding the Absolute Truth About God and the Meaning of Life?

I believe that absolute truth exists and it plays an important role in my life as a person who understands religion. From my own point of view, I think the understanding of absolute truth regarding God as well as the meaning of life cannot have more than one ways for an individual because then it ceases to be absolute. Nonetheless, different people based on the values prescribed by their religions hold different kinds of beliefs (Dowling and Scarlett, 2005). 

Do You Believe that Humans have Free Will In Their Decisions, or are they Entirely a Product of their Personal Environment, Circumstances, Upbringing, Etc?

I believe that there is a considerable level or extent of free will in the in the decisions made by humans. However, it is important to add that there are instances or situations where the decision-making process does not only depend on free will but is also influenced by upbringing, personal environment, and circumstances among others. 

Are things such as true love, beauty, and justice really possible, or are those values totally determined by cultural beliefs and norms?

Cultural norms and beliefs are not entirely responsible for the determination of things like beauty, true love, and justice. Other factors in the life of human being are also considered. Nonetheless, there are instances where cultural norms and beliefs play a critical role in the definition of justice, beauty, and true love. In other cases, the definition of such things normally happens through the involvement of religious beliefs and social status of an individual (Fernando, 2009). 


Have your answers to any of the last questions changed after reading article 2?

The reading of article 2 has not caused any change to my answers given for any of the last questions. 

So Far in what You’ve Read and in what You’ve Experienced in Life, Does It Seem Odd or Offensive to See Jesus Christ as the Foundation for Life and Meaning?

Not at all, I do not take any offense neither does it seem odd for me to see Jesus Christ as the meaning and foundation of life. 


Have your answers to either of the last two questions changed after reading article 3?

The reading of article 3 has not caused any change to my answers given for either of the last two questions. 

Now that you’ve read all of the articles, how has your view of meaning, ethics and your own worldview changed? What questions or comments do you have about what you’ve read?

After reading all those articles, my view concerning the ethics and meaning of my worldview has not changed. Instead, reading all those articles has enlightened my knowledge of human life and the general worldview. 


Dowling, E. M., & Scarlett, W. (2005). Encyclopedia of religious and spiritual development

Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 

Fernando, A.C. (2009). Business Ethics: An Indian Perspective . Prentice Hall. 

Business Ethical Practices 


Ethical practices are necessary for propelling a business to greater heights and enabling it to achieve desirable objectives. 

Ethical Practices 

An actual example of ethical practices in an organization could involve a situation where all employees are treated equally without any form of discrimination. No discrimination is done on any employee based religion race or culture ( Werhane and Singer, 2009). 

Unethical Practices 

An actual example of unethical practices in an organization may involve engaging in theft and malpractices such as theft where employees or staff members steal resources in the organization (Mruthyunjaya, 2013; Rao, 2006). 


In summing up, the success or failure of business or organizational operations is largely dependent on the existence of ethical or unethical practices in its culture. 


Mruthyunjaya, H. C. (2013). Business ethics and value systems . Place of publication not identified: Prentice-Hall Of India Pv. 

Rao, A. B. (2006). Business ethics and professional values . New Delhi: Excel Books. 

Werhane, P. H., & Singer, A. E. (2009). Business Ethics in Theory and Practice: Contributions from Asia and New Zealand . Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands. 

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