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Remember the Titans - An Inspiring Football Movie

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Herman Boone decision to instigate changes is crucial for the team and the school at large. This is a team comprising of black and white members who often clash in radical conflicts. This is not vital for a team that needs to win matches. Peace and understanding is essential for any group that desires success. Therefore, the decisions made by the coach are crucial for the team because as noted later on in the movie, members are able to iron out their differences and end up winning major tournaments. On the other hand, racism should highly be discouraged in all perspectives. 

The steps instituted by Coach Boone proved correct at the end of the day. If I was in his position, I would not encourage any form of racism within the team since that may have derailed the quick success as one of the short term goals. I would also have encouraged the community and anyone else to support the team and fight toward eradication of the racism vice. As the T. C. Williams High School  ‘s coach, I might also consider holding frequent meetings that seek to inform and educate the world the negative impacts of racism as a means of communicating a clear message. As the national coach, I would have encouraged brotherhood as the basis of peace within the team. 

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The transition from a football camp to a community team might also be considered essential for the team and the community at large. It should be noted that racism does not commence in school but within families back at home. Involving the community, for instance, parents and other members of the region may work for the benefit of the team. Once parents teach their children of the negative effects of the vice, while in school, they will not be involved in despising their colleagues over their ethnical and racial backgrounds. Team captains act like leaders to any team ensuring discipline is maintained in either or out of the field. When this happens, captains are supposed to lead by example meaning they must never be involved any instances that indicate prejudice. 


Yakin, B., Howard, G. A., Rabin, T., Washington, D., Faison, D., & Parker, N. A. 

(2000).   Remember the Titans . Walt Disny Pictures. 

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