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Risk Assessment and Project Quality Planning

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Telemedicine is increasingly becoming a way of life in the current medical provision protocol. This is because there is a need to ensure that all clients are attended to regardless of their physical location. Through analysis that has been conducted, it has been evident that a significant number of the population fails to access medical attention since they may find health institutions tedious (Telehealth and telemedicine -2018, 2012, Aug 16). Thus, in order to ensure that every individual has access to basic medical healthcare. This can only be made possible through making people more informed about telemedicine. This is because there is a significant number of the population that is not aware that services such as these do exists.

Apart from a not being aware of the existence of telemedicine, there are individuals who may not support the idea of telemedicine. This is because they do not find this accurate. This can be attributed to misconception that may be going around regarding telemedicine especially in rural areas. Thus, it is important to guarantee that people are educated on the benefits and significance of telemedicine (Reportlinker adds telemedicine market shares, strategies, and forecasts, worldwide, 2010 to 2016, 2010, Mar 09). This can only be made through proper and accurate strategies that need to be well evaluated inconsideration to the risks involved. Like any other project, there are risks involved which need to be anticipated and possible solutions established. The will be efficient in guaranteeing the success of the telemedicine project. 

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It has been proven that telemedicine can be very efficient in promoting convenience. This is in the instance where a person may require a diagnosis that does not require a physical check up by a physician. In this instance, it is possible for a patient to seek a prescription without having to visit a health institution thus saving on time. Telemedicine is also cheap since most doctors’ charge less for telemedicine. This is because it is conveniently done and results in the doctor attending to more patients unlike in an in-visit where a lot of time is consumed. Another significant advantage of telemedicine is that there is privacy assurance. This is because doctors have an oath to uphold their patient’s privacy at all times regardless of the situation. 

Despite the significance that telemedicine has, there are a number of challenges that need to be evaluated and solutions arrived upon to mitigate risk. Like any other technological procedure, there may be issues that will develop. In this instance, there may be a power outage or an internet connection which may affect telemedicine. In order to ensure that a patient gets a proper diagnosis and prescription in such instances, strategies should be put in place. This may include calling back patients or emailing them their prescription to guarantee that they get the intended medicine. 

Doctors should also be well educated on the significance of telemedicine. This will have an accurate impact in guaranteeing that there is no resistance by physicians who may struggle using the equipment provided to make telemedicine possible. Despite telemedicine being efficient, it is important to ensure that there is proper service provision. This is because there are facts that may slip through since there is no physical contact between the patients with the patients. Thus, strategies should be put in place to ensure that patients who need a physical check-up go to a healthcare institution to get a proper diagnosis. This will be efficient in the long run as it will reduce the risks involved with telemedicine.

It is also important to ensure that the general public is made aware of the sole purpose of telemedicine. This is because there are individuals who do not know the main purpose of the concept behind telemedicine which is convenience. Thus it is important to create awareness that all patients should physically present themselves at a healthcare institution for a proper diagnosis and prescriptions (Reportlinker adds telemedicine market shares, strategies, and forecasts, worldwide, 2010 to 2016, 2010, Mar 09). This has been made evident where it has been made clear that there are details that may be left out in telemedicine since the doctor cannot physically assess their patients. 

To ensure that the telemedicine project runs smoothly, it is important to make the platform on which telemedicine is facilitated more affordable. Through this, it will be possible for small healthcare institutions to acquire this platform. This will ensure that patients in rural areas also have access to telemedicine (Telehealth and telemedicine - global opportunity assessment, competitive landscape and market forecasts to 2018, 2012, Aug 16). 

Through the in-depth analysis that has been provided, it is evident that telemedicine is a significant part of today's healthcare. Thus, there is a need to embrace this through ensuring that it is made available. This can only be made possible through providing the public with its importance and how it should be accessed. Physicians should also be educated to guarantee that provide the services they provide in regards to telemedicine meets the desired standards. Through this, it will be possible for the project to meet its desired obligations.


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