26 May 2022


Rites of Passage and Erikson's Stage Theory.1

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Every individual in the society passes through distinct stages of life. The stages are marked with a rite of passage that signals the transition from one form of life stage to another. The rites of passage are responsible for recreating an individual in the society making them a socially accepted person. The discussion will analyze marriage as a rite of passage and how it molds an individual to be ready for incorporation into the society. 

Marriage is a complex concept in many societies such as the western society. The meaning and essence of marriage have gradually changed over the years. Traditionally, marriage was regarded as a legally recognized relationship between a male and a female with certain rights and obligations. In the contemporary society, marriage has grown to incorporate even the homosexual societies. There has been a growing concern that the traditional concept of marriage has declined. 

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Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the world. The rite is observed in almost every society, and they may vary from complex ceremonies to simple events. Marriage is viewed as a passage of rite because of several reasons. First, it gives the couple a sense of responsibility as focus changes from a life of singlehood to a family life. Both the wife and the husband are supposed to work towards ensuring that the family is sustained socially and economically. It is through marriage that more family bonds are created. The family members of the husband and the wife combine to form one extended family. Through marriage, the people in the society are regarded highly because continuity in life is guaranteed through birth. 

To conclude, there are various forms of rites of passage in life. Marriage is viewed in many societies as a point in life where both the man and the woman must exhibit a sense of responsibility, care, the creation of social and family ties and finally continuity in life. 

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