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Riverbend City Conflict Management

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Conflict management is regarded as the process that aims at reducing the negative aspects of a conflict while increasing its positive aspects ( Scott, 2010). It aims at improving group outcomes and learning that include performance and effectiveness in the organizational setting ( Katz, 2010). 

The nature of the conflict

The conflict, in this case, revolves around the use of bathrooms and the locker room for transgender employees. It is considered to be dysfunctional in nature because it can negatively affect the performance of employees ( Ponte, 1999).

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Escalation of the issue

As a result of the conflict, a Training Curriculum Development Team was formed to address the issue. However, it resulted in strong opinions and the issue was escalated by the organizational politics and also other issues ( Raines, 2013).


The outcome included heated argument between members in the previous meeting that almost became a shouting match. It’s a lose-lose outcome because no one gets what they initially anticipated from the process ( Dana, 2001).

Characters’ use and awareness of power, negotiation, and politics

Negotiation is the process where parties that have different interests and preferences try to have an agreement on the solution ( Rhodes, 2013). The characters in the case study try to use negotiation by recognizing that the issue had escalated and trying to agree on a solution. Power has also been used by the characters such as the human resource manager who stresses that he has the expertise in the issue and thus should be taken seriously ( Goncalves, 2008). Finally, there is awareness of politics as seen in the characters that are seen to be getting into a personal conflict ( Molthan-Hill, 2014).

Conclusion and Recommendations

Evidently, conflict resolution is a vital part of any organization whose effectiveness can ensure that it succeeds. Improvements in the process can be made by laying out the ground rules before solving the conflict so that the members do not drift away from the objectives of the process ( Caspersen, 2015). An applicable concept that addresses the scenario is designing an environment that would not escalate the situation to ensure that the process is effective.


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