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SCRIP Disposition Assignment

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Social Responsibility 

The psychological well-being of a learner is important to their success. Currently, the Public Records Act fails to highlight the most appropriate strategies of handling students' information to avoid any unauthorized access. In the new digital era, a lot of information concerning a student and their families is shared with the school, and if handled incorrectly it can affect the learner. For instance, if the socioeconomic status information of a parent falls to the wrong people it can injure a student, who ends up being stereotyped. Stereotyping can make a student stressed such that he is incapable of attending classes, which may negatively affect their grades. In this advanced technology era, a student's private information can be shared on various platforms, within a short period allowing many people to access it. Therefore, the Public Records Act should specify ways to handle students' information. However, in cases of leakage, students are sensitized to the effects of invading other people's privacy and spreading sensitive information, which can affect their self-esteem. Thus, as an approach to protect all students, people spreading sensitive information about others should be punished, to set an example to others. 


Technological developments have both advantages and disadvantages in record keeping. One of the advantages is that a student can provide detailed information about himself. However, malicious people can hack the school systems, access all the information about a student, and use it to hurt them. Therefore, students ought to be sensitized about their actions that can affect the learning process of others. As an approach to prevent some malicious acts, which could invade other student’s privacy and affects their learning process, I would develop a group in which student learn self-discipline. In this group, students with high technological skills can learn how to use their skills productively. More so, students also learn about authenticating the source of student data before believing in it. Additionally, students understand how they participate in bullying others by spreading sensitive information and how they can prevent it. Therefore, in this group, students learn to be a solution to the problems resulting from leaked private information about others. 

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The personnel record policy helps the teacher to monitor the students efficiently and effectively. The policy allows the teacher to review the students’ records to examine their performance, inquire about progress and change in behavior. As a way of protecting the students’ records, the policy can be changed to only allow the teachers who are indirectly involved with the learner to access the data. However, a teacher can still acquire this significant information about a learner and share it with his or her colleagues. Therefore, the personnel record policy gives the teacher the power to choose whether to protect the students' personal information or not. As a way of ensuring the students' information is protected, I can avoid assessing the student’s information from public computers, which can easily be hacked. More so, the data can only be accessed when necessary, and then used to make informed decisions about the students. Therefore, despite the personnel record policy giving the teacher the freedom to use the students’ data as he chooses, a concerned instructor thinks about the negative effects of mishandling students' data. 


In school, teachers easily access each other’s data files because the school policy allows it. However, this sharing of data can lead to the accidental sharing of sensitive information, concerning a particular student. The law requires the student’s information to be handled with privacy and when released they must serve specific purposes. Disclosing any learner’s information without their consent can lead to a lawsuit according to the FERPA’s guidelines. Therefore, as a teacher who is concerned about the wellbeing of all the learners, I follow closely the FERPA's guidelines about protecting the student's information. More so, I can influence other teachers to avoid mishandling student's data and access it when the need arises. In case a teacher is reported by a student for the failure to act according to the FERPA's guidelines, I can testify against the teacher who failed to protect the security of the student. Testifying against a colleague is hard and it can have negative repercussions, however, the need to model morality and law abidance to students, teachers, and family, is important. Through this particular action, students learn that tough choices are important in becoming exemplary citizens. 


As a teacher, I can exercise professionalism by adhering to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA law allows the parents to protect their children's educational records such as report cards, transcripts, class schedules, disciplinary records, and family records. In cases where the students' information is required by third parties, teachers need the parents to comply with them before handing over that information. On the other hand, FERPA permits the teachers to share students' data with the consent of the parent, when the process serves legitimate educational purposes. However, there can arise a problem with the parents when I share the student's criminal record without the criminal justice system. A parent who does not know about the FERPA's law can be offended by my actions to share his or her child's information with the authority thus, resulting to insult. As a person who is concerned about respecting others, I would not engage the angry parent in a word fight instead, would let them calm down and explain the reasons why they had to give out their children's information. 

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