16 Apr 2022


Sexual Health Education in Children

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Children are vulnerable. It is incumbent upon the elders to guide them in their formative stages. At the adolescent stages, the bodies of the teenagers undergo several physiological changes. Coupled with the psychological awareness, the children may derail and get into life-periling habits (Formby, 2011). Sex education is especially important in this era of killer sexually transmitted diseases. Once the teenagers get sexually active, the parents can give them contraceptives to avoid early pregnancies and infections. The sexually active stage in girls differs in different culture cultures and according to one’s level of exposure. However, in most cases, it begins once a girl begins to menstruate. It is important for the parents to stress the importance of practicing safe sex to prevent their siblings from contracting killer diseases or getting into early and unplanned parenthood.

Both parents must take an active role in guiding their children’s sexual health. There is no role designated for a parent of a particular gender. The insistence that a mother should talk to the daughters while the father talks to the sons is ill-informed. The ability of a parent to effectively guide a child is depended on the level of trust existing between the parent and the child (Formby, 2011). Any parent can establish trust with the child for the communication to be effective. Sex talks should begin as soon as the child become self aware of their sexuality and proceed into the child’s late teenage years.

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Sexual health education is affected by social-cultural factors. Different cultures perceive the topic differently. To some, it is a necessity while to others it is a taboo. It is important for the society to develop programs that will guide the provision of the sexual health education (Formby, 2011). In the modern age, it is difficult to enforce the abstinence until marriage program. However, if implemented it is the ideal program to keep the children from infections and early parenthood.


Formby, E. (2011). Sex and relationships education, sexual health, and lesbian, gay and bisexual sexual cultures: Views from young people. Sex Education, 11 (3). 

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