19 Feb 2023


Should College Fraternities and Sororities be Expanded into High School?

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If you had a chance to improve your high school experience by making it more fun, engaging, and educative at the same time, would you take it? Yes. Any student and parent would definitely want to get the best out of education, and for this case expanding fraternities and sororities to high school might just be the answer. However, this does not mean that the present systems are not working or beneficial. The role of education is value addition, and this means incorporating any ideas that can help achieve this. My reasons for supporting this act are derived from the three key advantages I shall expand on herein. 


College fraternities and sororities encourage academic excellence. Members of fraternities mostly participate in group work that enhances better traits and prepares one for future employment. As a result, College fraternities and sororities should be expanded into high school. 

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First, finding a place where you are accepted and supported is the best feeling ever. Thus, this is what fraternities and sororities have to offer. Here, you meet members who share similar interests and can work together towards common goals. You can get academic support and can push yourself to improve since becoming a member requires a specific GPA. Acquiring essential skills such as teamwork from an early stage in life will go a long way in shaping one’s future. The present global demand for ideal employees are those who can carry activities successfully with other members ( Bowman, & Holmes, 2017 ). Besides, a load shared is as good as a half-completed. Therefore, the atmosphere of togetherness creates value for one another and lasting friendships that can reach to college. 

Secondly, it has a high potential for career opportunities. The modern corporate world has increased their standards of recruiting, and some of it entails involvement in a social organization. They can opt to select a candidate who has a history of participating in school co-curriculum programs such as fraternities. However, some might think that they are just in high school, and joining these groups at the moment is not necessary. Well, it is never too early to invest in your future. Long-running fraternities and sororities usually have strong ties with their alumni, who might be your potential employer (Hevel et al. 2018). Hence, having participated in one will improve one’s résumé and give you a competitive advantage over other recruits. At this point, I am sure you will be glad you chose to stick to that cause. 

Lastly, personal growth, such as leadership skills and responsibility, are substantial additions. In these associations, one gets a chance to explore some potential innate skills and talents. You can be assigned specific duties and expected to perform it to the best of your abilities. This can be the best opportunity to start practicing independence, accountability, and reliability (Turek et al. 2017). Knowing that a whole team counts on you to play your part way is motivation enough. No one likes to let their teammates, much less themselves down. From this stage, one can easily transition college and a responsible adult who can manage different temperate of life. 


In conclusion, I believe expanding college sororities and fraternities to high school is a rewarding idea. As mentioned, one’s academics are boosted, improves on employment qualifications, and equips one with better traits. In any case, having life-long friends who you can meet 20 years later and still feel the strong connection is fantastic. There may be potential risks and challenges, but the benefits are worthwhile. 


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