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Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory

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Freud proposes that there are three distinct aspects that form the human personality. The three dynamics, encompass the Id, Ego, and superego. According to Freud, the Id is innate and forms the basis of one’s personality. It influences one’s energy and significantly controls his or her behavior. Ego results from a direct or indirect influence of the Id, and it is the component that helps an individual to deal with as well as confront reality. The superego is responsible for the cementation of moral values learned from the environment as well as parents. Furthermore, it helps an individual in making the right judgment based on the situation that one encounters. The conscious and ego ideal are the main parts of the superego, and hence, principally act to control all the aspects of personality that superego influences. Of importance is an understanding that the three components of one’s personality act in conjunction. As a result, such is likely to create a balance that results in a healthy personality (Lapsley, Daniel & Stey, 2011).

The components of personality as discussed above based on Freud’s views differ from those of his predecessors in that Freud’s concept are more advanced and elaborate in comparison to some of his predecessors such as Charcot Stature and Josef Breuer. Although he learned from them, he differed with them in a lot of propositions put forward and hence; he had to do further examination of their theories, a factor that assisted him in coming up with more polished conclusions. Regardless, his concepts have been greatly criticized by the theorist who came after him.

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Freud’s early experiences such as observation on the extent to which Oedipus Rex proposition on the concept of Oedipus complex resonated in ancient as well as modern audiences, the feelings that plays he attended evoked in him as well as an analysis of children with normal development and those with neural issues greatly contributed to his conclusion about Oedipus complex. A further analysis on the above aspects as he interacted with them in his daily life contributed to his formulation of hypothesis that formed the basis of the theory on Oedipus complex.


Lapsley, D. K., & Stey, P. C. (2011). Id, Ego, and Superego. Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, 2nd Edition. Ramachandran VS (ed): Elsevier , 1-9.

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