14 Nov 2022


Social Validity: Definition, Types, and Examples

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Social validity plays an integral role in the field of behavioral analysis. Ching (2019) defines social validity as the extent to which behavioral change interventions achieve their objectives. Social validity in behavioral analysis is established through primary research, where individuals delivering and receiving the interventions give opinions regarding appropriateness of interventions. Social validity is essential in facilitating behavioral change particularly among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

There are several reasons for ensuring social validity in applied behavioral analysis. Foremost, social validity helps to determine the appropriateness of behavioral interventions used to correct different disorders and bring the desired social changes. Secondly, social validity is essential in determining the extent to which interventions achieve their goals, for example, assessing the fluency of students after the introduction of new reading and writing practices. Thirdly, social validity is the key to determining whether behavioral interventions targeting a population are important or not. The findings of social validity influences future decisions of behavioral interventions, for example, whether to continue impacting the desired changes or not. 

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Social validity is especially important in changing the behavior of children with ASD. According to Weiss (2018), ASD is arguably one of the commonest disorders affecting children, thus finding the best intervention to solve the problem is essential in helping many individuals with the disorder to live healthily. However, there are many interventions used to solve the challenges, and it is difficult to determine the best strategy. Through the social validity process, the most efficient behavioral interventions is reliably established. 

From the discussion, it is evident that social validity is an important concept in behavioral analysis. The functions of social validity are evaluating the appropriateness of behavioral intervention and their ability to achieve the desired goals. In ASD, social validity is paramount in selection of effective interventions for the disorder. 


Ching, A. (2019). The Effects of Therapy Balls on In-Seat and On-Task Behavior in Young Children. 

Weiss, L. E. (2018). Social Interventions for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review of Research. 

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