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Socio-emotional Development in Adolescents

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During the growth of teenagers, there are several developmental stages that they go through ranging from physical development, mental developments, social and emotional developments. The physical development will entail all possible activities that will help teens grow and develop physically. It includes engagement in physical activities like sports and games. The mental development will involve what kind of things teens engage into mental grow like learning. Social development will deal with how teens relate with their fellows and even with people around them. Emotional development is concerned with how the youths will react to the things that revolve them and their feelings towards such things. The primary focus of this research paper will combine both the social and emotional bit of development and how different stakeholders are involved in the teen's development with regards to the socio-emotional development.

At adolescence, most teens will tend to have strong social relationships with their peers more than their parents. At this age, they will tend to develop emotional attachments that bind the kind of relationship. As their emotion bonding intensifies, their social life becomes more complicated. Considering the nature of relationships, if it's a cross-gender thing, they tend to get so emotionally attached to the point of intimacy. It comes in after they question their sexual orientation and gender identity that comes along with romantic relationships. 

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Administrators in the school setting learn how emotions impact the teen’s relationship and how they can harness the wisdom and become more effective leaders in a learning environment. In this sense, the administrators in schools sort for ways of training and recruiting staff that can teach the students and monitors their social behaviours as relating the learning environment. Administrators need to assess these socio-emotional developments in adolescents at a school level and lay on strategies that can be used to mitigate the negating effects of such. The administrator needs to spend time with both the students and the staff to learn the behaviours of these teens in the course of their social and emotional development. Assign teachers as the adult supervisors of the students while at school.

School nurses are essential in any learning institutions so as to assist a student regarding health development. They promote students success and nurture positivity by ensuring that they give the best ways to strengthen and link the students socially and emotionally with the environment they live, their families and school community. School nurses identify and treat students who struggle with psychosocial or even emotional issues which when not treated or recognised in the early development stages of a student may affect their academic achievement thus, interfering with student's full development. School psychologists act as models for teachers in dealing with such emotional cases. Teachers must learn the skills and knowledge to address social and emotional developments as well as academic competencies. School psychologists collaborate with educators and parents to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environment as in line with their principle objective of applying scientific values of learning and behaviour to improve student's social and emotional relationship at school.

School psychologists assist in the assessment of the student with suspected socio-emotional problems. After personality assessment of the troubled student, a set of data will be obtained about the student's emotional and social functioning. After this, they develop an intervention plan that will help the students. They are constantly in consultation as well as part of their responsibility. T he counselling aspect of school psychologists enables an extensive range of interventions, such as basic skill building and social skills exercise. Services provided to an individual or group basis and the accessibility of these services contracts from system to system. Therefore the primary role of the school psychologists is consultation to assessment to intervention.

Teachers play the greatest role in the socio-emotional development of the students as they have the longest contact hour during the school hours. Teachers can mould the student’s emotion just providing that environment to the children. As the youths start the learning and them the exposure to good and conducive emotionally supportive environment, they grow with love as the embrace the culture. Social-emotional development is reinforced through an active and dependable relationship between teachers and children. Teachers are challenged to come up with playful activities and fun as well. The creation creating routines of fun and significant activities such as songs, chants and games minimise problems or stress during uncertain times. It enables students to manage their hard times without expressing much of their emotions.

In dealing with the socio-emotional development in adolescents, there has to be some collaboration between different stakeholders; the teacher, students, school psychologist and even then parents or guardians of the students. There is no much difference in the role of the stakeholders in the student's socio-emotional, the stages creates the difference which still requires close examination of the teacher, parents, and even the student. Surprisingly enough, it's not only the students are affected socio-emotionally, but even some teachers who have to fight it within themselves and in dealing with socio-emotional development, even the experts can do it alone.

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