20 May 2022


Sociology as a Vocation

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Sociology is the widest field of the all social sciences and the most self-conscious. It is a discipline that does not forget its founders. It is apparent that various sociologists have explained different social life situations, and they entirely dedicate themselves to work as sociologists.

Weber is one of the sociologists who to a greater extent have worked with the passion and helped in the improvement of the field of sociology. In his life as a sociologist, Weber realized that sociology was meaningful in other ways that he also did not recognize (Huebner, 2016). It is clear that Weber conceived sociology as a comprehensive science of social action that needed to be understood to address issues in the society. Apparently, Weber believed in the changing society and mentioned that processes such as the quest for solidarity, the attainment of the social goals and the rise and falls of the classes contributed to the changes observed. He, therefore, believed that a good understanding of all those changes depended on being passionate to understand various new things and prospect the future in sociology. 

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It is also evident that sociology entails being strong and going for anything that can help to achieve the social relationships among the individuals. DuBois, a black American sociologist, believed that ensuring the equality for all people in America, social science was one of the best ways to approach the issue (Weber, Owen, and Strong, 2004). He produced sixteen research monographs on sociology that were published between the year 1897 and in the University where he was a professor. He believed that social science was a better way of ensuring that black Americans were treated equally, and they also improved regarding the economy and political life. It is evident that through his work as a sociologist, sociology comes as a vocation.

Sociology itself to some extent cannot answer various basic questions in people’s life. Nevertheless, sociology gives people an understanding of the world thus help people in determining meaningful things in their lives. Morris explained that the knowledge of sociology directs people to understand various phenomena thus take the right precaution to maintain a good social life (Huebner, 2016). Therefore, it is important for the sociologists to help in clarifying issues in the society. The action can only become effective if one commits himself or herself in understanding those phenomena thus explain them well. Morris also explained that being a sociologist entails training to have a wide view of the world. Sociology is a field that calls people to undergo a real exposure to enhance their capability of solving problems in the society. 

According to V. Wolf, the sociologist is not an act subject but part of an unfolding presence. Understanding the idea of sociology can help teaching sociology as vocation since sociology is not identified as an object but allows the learners have a wider view of the field. The comprehension of the sociological content depends on the ethics that one encounter. Therefore, it is apparent from Wolf that an understanding of sociology to a greater extent depends on the various encounters that one faces hence need for being passionate.

In cases of social inequalities such as the economic and political inequalities, sociologists ask themselves the roles the field can take up to address such inequalities. The field makes itself more relevant in the society hence become more visible and valued (Weber, Owen, and Strong, 2004). As far as the inequalities are concerned in the society, sociologists take a greater interest in the effect of the inequalities on the institutions and people. As the economists and the political scientists tend to deal with the problems that concern the society’s elite, sociology always intensify its interest on the non-elite (Weber, Owen, and Strong, 2004). Furthermore, the sociologists involve in the research particularly with and about the most vulnerable population in the society more so those individuals below the median income populations. These people suffer more as a result of the inequalities in the society. Sociology cannot speak for the disadvantaged individuals, but it focuses more attention on their problems and how they can efficiently become addressed (Huebner, 2016). In the accomplishment of all those tasks in dealing with the inequality in the society, it requires that one becomes passionate and be willing to venture into different attempts as a way of settling problems. Therefore, it becomes apparent that sociology needs passion and it is a calling. 


Sociology is a field that requires one to be more passionate and go beyond just publishing the ideas. It entails direct interaction with the people and trying to explain various aspects of the society that the individuals may be unable to capture clearly. Therefore, the understanding of diverse social life, groups and societies depends on how the sociologist will become dedicated to getting various ideas in the society. 


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