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Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park (1983)

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Jurassic Park is a science-fiction adventurous film that was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993. It centers on a theme of cloned dinosaurs. The paper will discuss the elements of filmmaking like the soundtrack, lighting, camera angles, editing, and cross- cutting. Further, the paper will discuss on how the film makes us better people and also the social and historical contexts reflected in the film. 

The film incorporates Boorstin’s three V’s- the voyeur’s eye, the vicarious eye and the visceral eye. He creates the image of a tremendous and vicious dinosaur in a person’s mind when Dr. Malcolm is looking at the huge footprint of a dinosaur filled with water. Different sound effects are used in a subtle manner. There is a lot of detail to the particular sound made when T-Rex was stepping in the mud and different sounds are used each time there is a roar. Lighting in the film creates an element of surprise. It is day time at the beginning, safe and calm but the storm comes in with the darkness and the carnivores start roaming around, threatening the lives of the scientists. Spielberg uses comic relief when the T-Rex takes the lawyer off the toilet seat, thus relieving the suspense created earlier on (Duchesne & Leitch, 1993). 

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Cross-cutting is used when Grant and the kids are climbing the fence in an attempt to keep the camera on their backs and not their faces. Spielberg also uses different camera angles . For instance, he uses a mid-range shot through the leaves and branches, and this makes it look like one is in the tree. Editing is used to speed up the scenes with action and suspense like when T-Rex tips over the car and the next shot jumps into the scene of the children screaming. 

In conclusion, the film can make us better people in that Jurassic Park gives us a different perception of the world and we get to appreciate the current world as it is. Social and historical context is reflected in the film which is a big cultural phenomenon. It takes us back to the prehistoric times when dinosaurs are perceived to have existed. 


Duchesne, L., & Leitch, A. (1993).  Jurassic Park: The great adventure . Canada: Éditions Nublar. 

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