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Student Diversity: How To Create A Diverse Classroom

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As the world becomes a global village, more schools in across the globe are increasingly becoming culturally as well as ethnically diverse. The Census Bureau reports show that by 2100, the American minority population will eventually become the majority with less than 40 percent of the population being made of up of the non-Hispanic whites. The diversity of any institution’s staff and students tends to influence its productivity, strength as well as intellectual personality. The diversity of gender, cultural practices, religion, ethnicity, age, and physical ability as well as many other attributes often create a rich environment for both research and teaching. Therefore, learning to appreciate each other’s diversity and becoming aware of one’s behavior including a person unconscious assumption that may affect one’s interactions will enable us to diminish the issues and optimize benefits from diversity (Januszyk et al., 2016). 

There is the need for one to learn how to co-exist in a diverse environment. Moreover, acknowledging diversity is vital to students’ success, in particular among the minority populations. Furthermore, there is a richness of better perspectives and behavior that comes from students and who teachers work side by side with their counterparts who are necessarily not of the same ethnicity, race, religion or gender. I also believe that student diversity tends to enhance school experience. Students or teachers who attend institutions with diverse population tend to develop clear perspectives of students from various backgrounds and learn to operate in a multicultural and multiethnic environment (Villavicencio, 2016). 

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Although teachers may face the challenge of making culturally responsive instructions without favoring one given group over their counterparts, culturally responsive teaching will often create an environment where both teachers and students respect different cultures and backgrounds. As a matter of fact, studies show that culturally responsive teaching is the best technique which aims to improve the throughput and overall output of every student in the class. If a teacher is well-aware of the cultural and social norms of every student sitting in the class, he will be the pioneer of an intellectually productive and professionally successful group of students. Furthermore, classroom activities that tend highlight diversity often enable both teachers and students to learn that each person has something valuable to say or offer regardless of their differences (Dan & Mino, 2016). 

In short, the key to long-term success is to understand and acknowledge the importance of multicultural education. Furthermore, to generate an environment where all students irrespective of their differences can feel much appreciated, it is critical for teachers to strive to accommodate student diversity. 


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