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Technology and Organization Structures

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The coca cola company will be used to support the theories in this paper clearly. Technological know-how can be described as the accumulation of approaches, abilities, techniques and processes that are utilized in the manufacturing process or to achieve intents, for example, scientific investigations. It can also be defined as the acquaintance of performances, which is embedded in machines and computers so that an individual can operate them without having to know the entire physical process. Technology is essential for every organization to run smoothly and more efficiently. Were it not for technology then most organizations could not have grown to international levels. It can start from the smallest equipment that is available in the office, for instance, a calculator. It makes work easier in the office, and it helps to keep the place tidy and organized. Technology has largely contributed to effectiveness in large enterprises and they it has even affected the organizational structure. Take the coca cola company, for example, thanks to technology they no longer need to manufacture the sodas and transport them to all parts of the world. They only send a recipe to contractors who thanks to technology manufacture the drinks.

The first type of technology that has created a significant change is mechanical technology. It involves things that have engines and the wheel. The wheel is one of the most significant technological advancement in history, yet it is quite simple. The second kind of technology is electronic technology commonly referred to as electronic which is probably the most important. Thanks to this type of technology, people have electricity and electronics (items that use electricity). The third type of technology is the industrial technology whose primary goal is producing products in large scale.

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The coca cola company has all these types of technology thank for its success. Mechanical technology has come in handy especially in the transportation of equipment and the products as well. In an organizational structure, it can be fitted in the head of the transport department. This affects the organization chart but all in all the product must be moved, and the employees must move from one place to another. Electronics can also influence the structure of the firm because there must be somebody who in charge of the electronics. This work is given to the head of the information technology (IT) department. They work to ensure that the organization is functioning properly and the main reasons for malware in the system. The industrial technology has been helpful to the company, and this can be supported by the fact that the corporation is always enhancing the quality of their beverages.

Technology, in general, affects the organization in a positive way in that it has helped make work easier (Baloch, & Khan, 2013). Take advertising, for example, was it not for electronic technology promotion would prove to be difficult for the company. It has however made advertising simpler and more efficient especially in television, which is the most relied on source of news in the world. Industrial, mechanical and industrial technology can all affect the organizational structure since there must be a person who oversees all the operations.

Organization effectiveness is being improved thanks to techniques in that nowadays the bosses can monitor all the activities online (Baloch, & Khan, 2013). For instance, if a manager wants to see the sales made over a duration of time they just log into the company’s system. If a particular message is to be communicated in, the organization it can be done within the shortest time possible and it is also fast. The coca cola company has largely depended on technological advancements to produce quality products, and that is the reason that the firm is the leading manufacturer and distributor of beverages in the world. 


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