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Terror Attack on the US

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Comprehensive Summary 

The entire world was terrified when horrific images flooded television screens of September 11, 2001, attacks on the US global trade. As such, the unfolding events that day will forever haunt the American people and the world as a whole regarding the colleges, friends and loved ones that perished in the attack (Faircloth, 2012). In this way, Terrorism as a criminal act encompasses a broad range of activities, which are designed to intimidate and instill fear among citizens of a nation or a particular party. Ideally, the project outline comprises of the clear description of terrorism on the US World Trade, Al Qaeda background the perpetrated criminals who hijacked the attack on the US and the exemplary incident of the crime. On the same note, it tackles the ideological ideas that could have influenced the criminal act as well as the legal action towards the offenders. It does not only comprise how the offenders were able to follow through with the crime but also the impact terrorism in the US as a state, which later on caused changes in its legislative and administration policies.

Definition, Description, Category of Terrorism 

Primarily, terrorism is described as unlawful criminal acts against another party, country or religion with the use of violence to cause a political or social cause through attacking the civilians. Terrorism is often used as a tactic by the various political leaders to achieve their goals and objectives. Terrorism can either be domestic or international basing on the attackers targeted aims and objectives(Frank, 2002). Among the terrorist acts comprise of the activities such as the hijacking of aircraft and ships, destruction of the public property and infrastructure. In this case, the crime was categorized as political; since their attack lingered across political ideologies. As a result, it influenced a terrorist group called Al Qaeda, an extremist Islamic affiliated movement, which silently hijacked four US commercial planes. Before this attack, there were political, ideological differences visible between the US and other Islamic states concerning her foreign policy in these foreign countries.

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Identification of the Group that Perpetrated the Crime. 

Evidently, on the September of 11 th 2001, the world emanated to a standstill when shocking images flooded on television screens during the September 11 terrorist attacks by the Al Qaeda. The perpetuated group of the Al-Qaeda comprised of the religious terrorists from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. Al Qaeda that had been formed by Osman was to fight for their ideological rights in America(Cox, 2015).On the same note, the group was seemingly acting in the retaliation for Americans support for Israel at the time Persian Gulf War was taking place due to their consistent participation in the middle east.The fact that terrorist had settled in the United States for more than a year, part of the team flew out of the country prior the occurrence of the war. As such Al- Qaeda the preserved group led by BinLaden attacked in response to the perceived political claims by the Islam on the US foreign policies.

The Perpetrators Background 

At all times both in the past and today, AL Qaeda has maintained its position an international terrorist group that was initiated by Osman Bin Laden in late 1980. At first, the team was established as distribution chain that would sustain the Muslims fight against the Soviet Union during the Afghan war. Later on, the group was militarily trained to achieve the Islamic goals and objectives during the hijack. Their recruitment began after the Soviets had withdrawn from the war in 1989. Initially, the group was based in Afghanistan and Pakistani but later relocated with their headquarters being located in Sudan, although it maintained the various offices in different parts of the world. Due to the oppositions by the United States Government, by consistently arresting, convicting and imprisoning some of their affiliated terrorists did not leave room for bin laden do prepare war against the United States.

Description of the Crime 

On a fateful day, September 11 th, 2001, USA woke up to a bright normal day just like any other that had gone unprepared to the eminent horror lurking later on. A terrorist group called Al Qaeda, an extremist Islamic affiliated movement, silently hijacked four US commercial airplanes with the intention of using them as missiles to murder as many people as possible. Prior this attack, there were ideological differences visible between the US and other Islamic states concerning her foreign policy and in these countries. Judging from the Jaw dropping and blood after months, the plan was well articulated and well thought out that it hit its mark dead in the center.Due to prior training the group, it did not leave any stone unturned; since Al-Qaeda under bin laden had formed allied forces with the national Islamic front. As a result, the United States could not survive the 2001 attack by the Islamic terrorists.

Similarly, he created camps to facilitate the training of his members through the use of fire arms, explosives and chemical weapons that would enable them to hijack their attacks to the United States of America. During their stay in those camps, they were also trained on particular tactics such as the use of passwords and codes as well educating the team members and associates of AL Qaeda about exploring and traveling to accomplish operations. For instance, some of the tactics that they al-Qaida instructed its group was to dress in the western attire and use the different measures that would enable them to overcome the detection by the security officials.

Factors that may have influenced the Criminal Behavior 

As can be seen, prior the attack, there were ideological differences that existed between the US and other Islamic states. Notably, their grievance was about the influence of the US’s foreign policy in these countries. Initially, the United States was termed as the infidel; since it was not overseen in any mode that was dependable, given the extremist's depiction of Islam. In the long run, it brought about a misunderstanding between the Islamic groups; since they felt oppressed by the United States government(Cort, 2011). In the way, the United States was observed as essential in providing vital support to the rest of the infidel administrations that included Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel, which were referred to as enemies of the group. As such, the al Qaeda could not hold it anymore, but to crash tables over their political grievances to the United States government.

Similarly, due to the continuous opposition by the Qaeda in the American military forces during the Gulf war paved the way for the political ideologies. Following the constant and malicious arrests, convictions and persistent imprisonments, by the American government, the al Qaeda felt oppressed and declared a holy war against the United States. As such, the Islamic group felt offended of their rights; since they were considered enemies of the United States. Taking consideration of human rights, the al Qaeda could not stand that anymore; since they had political rights over their rights and aimed traditionally. As such, the cause for revenge and change America’s policies in the government influenced the criminal behavior.

Al-Qaida Follow through the Crime 

It was absurd the offenders did not follow through; since President George Bush was able to issue a new military order against the terrorism on November 13, 2001. Notably, the military tribunal was to drag them and detain the United States non-citizens that were culprits of the international terrorism. In this way, the al Qaeda were not able to go through; since they started departing and scattering in other areas of the world. For instance, their headquarters were shifted from Afghanistan to Sudan for their settlement. As such, they could not proceed with their massive killing over the United States; since high laws had been enacted regarding the ruthless terrorist acts that they had carried out. Equally, on May 1, 2011, the US Navy put one bullet through the chest of the al Qaeda leader Osman Bin Laden. All these contributed to the weakening of the man power as their leader had been killed.

The legal Action Directed to the Perpetrators 

Consequently, as the attacks on the US global trade centers as well as thePentagonkillings, thousands during the process forever changed the country's outlook on security. As such, several legal questions were presented to the American authorities on how quickly they could avail sufficient security. Among the legal actions that were appropriate for the perpetrator included the protection of human rights and ethical laws through the creation of departments under the military tribunal. The defense counsel. More to that, the commission would comprise of three to seven members to be appointed by the secretary defense. As such, the law became appropriate; since it would help curb down the falsifications in the international criminal statutes; since many US citizens would all be lawyers in the criminal court to sort out their challenges.

Community policing calls for collaboration between police and ordinary members of society to raise public approval and faith in the police to improve the efforts of crime prevention and control. Similarly, integrating the local man into the process of law keeping is by far the most effective form of crime prevention and control employed by police. Hence, police exploit a variety of strategies, but the neighborhood watch policy is most defined. Here, individuals from crime prone communities form surveillance teams with a duty of patrolling areas to deter prevalence of illicit acts. Usually, community patrol units fall under the supervision of the resident police improving crime reporting and its control. Therefore, community policing decentralizes crime control by allowing citizens to play the role of neighborhood protectors.

Possession of intelligence gives police advantage over criminals as it can be used to infiltrate and break up criminal syndicates thus arresting high asset criminals (Beshears, 2016). Similarly, it functions on dynamic use of surveillance through cameras, drones and media tracking of elements deemed notorious to society (Ratcliffe, 2014, p. 248). Also, informants play a critical role here as they offer inside information on schedules and incriminating evidence that can be used to pin criminal dons thus controlling crime. Equally, police detectives go undercover in societies and neighborhoods plagued with crime thus gaining first-hand access to underground criminal organizations, information which helps to convict them. If properly incorporated into community and problem oriented policing, intelligence eases the mode with which police detects and controls crime in communities. In fact; the police force is the principal entity obliged with creating and maintaining public safety by employing a multiplicity of holistic approaches to address crime. Therefore, use of community policing, problem oriented policing, broken windows policing, comp stat and intelligence policing as management policies, police thus actually reducing crime in society.

The Impact of the Criminal Activity 

Remarkably, there is no other conqueror like Bin laden who caused a fundamental change in the US government. Notably, after the attack, the American government fundamentally changed its policies; through turning the pearl into a new Harbor as well as amend the administration with quasi- isolationist. The US government put its self to task about the free government policy of letting in the noncitizens into their country. As from the incident, the US government enacted vigorous and strict laws about the entry of non-citizens into their country. In the same way, the policy was only to let the citizens or nationals stay in the country. This helped reduce the criminal acts such as terrorism that had the US to test.

Likewise, following the hijack on the US Trading Centers, it denounced the Islam from their community; since the Americans had been so heartbroken and bitter about the loss of their property, people and economic ventures. Notably, the twin towers collapsed oceans miles away from Afghanistan. As such, it brought about a lot misunderstandings between the Islamic terrorists and the American; since they had massively lost their property in the attack. In the long run, it raised unintended effects such as the aggressiveness it developed in return for a loss of its people during the September attack. As a result, it has changed their attitudes towards non-citizens even in the present due to the Islamic assault.


To summarize, the events of September 11, 2001, which occurred in the United States world Trade Centre shall forever haunt America and its residents as well as the followers. The terror attacks sparked off the notion of stringent security towards overcoming the further terror attacks by the Islamic. However, from the time of the attack on the world global Center, and the period Pentagon happened, the United States has been at the fore front of curbing anti-terrorism acts. The efforts are evident in its policy legislation about anti-terrorism units and the endless wars with countries from which terrorists originate.


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