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The Best Work and Vocation Resources

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There are no vocations that are unsuitable for either men or women. It requires a person of any gender to choose and prepare for a vocation during the adolescence stage (Dolgin, 2008) . When a vocation is chosen wisely and realistically during this stage, the person ends entering into a vocation that he or she is well suited. The person finds satisfaction and fulfillment as well as being accepted in the society. When a vocation is not chosen wisely and realistically, it leads to unhappiness, discontent, frustration as well as social disapproval. 

Personality types influence the occupations chosen by people (Dolgin, 2008) . Most people choose to work in environments that match their personality types. These personality types include social, conventional, realistic, intellectual, artistic and enterprising. Personal interests as well as environmental factors such as social support and job availability also influence occupational choice. In the past years, girls have been subjected to few occupational choices that boys due to structural and normative barriers. It is stereotypic to have a notion that the vocational success of girls and women is restricted by cognitive differences (Dolgin, 2008) . It is worth saying that gender has no influence on occupational choice because nowadays a person of any gender can perform any task. 

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I agree that getting a good education is necessary to get a new job. Most of the of the unemployed people in the United Stated are the Latinos and the African American youths (Dolgin, 2008) . The primary reason for unemployment is the lack of training, skills as well experience. This situation has led to the development of numerous school-to-work programs to help the adolescents acquire appropriate job skills so that they can become employable. 


Both men and woman have equal opportunities when it comes to occupational choices and there are no occupations that are unsuitable for either men or women. Gender does not play any role in choosing an occupation. It is also worth noting that getting a good education makes a person get a good job because most employers like to employ people with good academic skills. 


Dolgin, K.M (2008). The adolescent: Development, Relationships, and Culture (13th ed.). Boston: Pearson. 

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