18 Oct 2022


The connection between alcohol consumption and DNA damage

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How Alcohol Can Damage DNA and Cause Cancer

Earlier studies have managed to show the connection between given cancers in humans and alcohol consumption. However, the real dilemma is doing alcohol damage cells while increasing the chances of an individual contracting Cancer. When alcohol is processed in the body, the resulting compounds can cause damage to the chromosomes in the stem cells of the blood. The stem cells then spread the damage caused on them. The human body processes alcohol and converts it into acetaldehyde is highly reactive. The damage to the DNA leads to rearrangement of the chromosomes hence causing a permanent mutation to the DNA sequence. Apart from a chromosomal rearrangement, it can cause binding and clumping of DNA, and mistakes in DNA. It has been established that alcohol may cause the following types of cancers: liver, mouth and larynx, breast, bowel, and esophagus (Petter, 2018).

Response to Student 1: inherent gene

Depression can be inherited from a parent. I completely agree with this statement even though different people inherit a varied combination of a gene from parents. The combination of this gene predisposes an individual to such disorders. When this is the case, an identical twin who shares 100 percent of their genes would have a higher likeliness of inheriting these diseases, but for the fraternal twin which shares only 50 percent of their gene, the chances are reduced.

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Response to Student 2: How a mother smoking can alter a fetus's DNA

Smoking is dangerous, especially to the fetus. Thus pregnant mother should never smoke. Smoking can cause alternation on the DNA. This is a solid topic, which will create awareness and help the society. Through this research, I look forward to understanding how smoking can alter the DNA and if the chromosome from the parent matter.


Petter, O. (2018). “ Drinking alcohol can cause cancer by damaging DNA, finds the study. ” [Accessed on July 30, 2018]. Retrieved from https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/alcohol-cancer-causing-drinking-dna-damage-health-study-university-of-cambridge-a8141066.html

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