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The effectiveness of using the interdisciplinary approach

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From the previous chapters, it is evident that interdisciplinary studies involve the integration of multiple ideologies, concepts, and information from two or more bodies of knowledge to avail possible solutions to problems which are impossible to solve using knowledge from one discipline. During the process of problem-solving, different approaches such as cross-disciplinary, Multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary are used in order to find the most appropriate solution. Moreover, in existence are approaches to interdisciplinary integration which help an individual to understand comprehensively about the problem in question. The integration approaches include conceptualization, contextualization, and problem centering. 

Chapter 5 

The devastating issue of climate change is at the fore desk of most of the international organizations awaiting tough measures on mitigation. The appropriate way of mitigating this global disaster is through the incorporation of interdisciplinary approaches since it is as a result of different effects emanating from activities from multiple disciplines says Lisa Mason (Canever & DeGeorge, 2018). Although the global disaster is branded as a technical issue, it requires mitigation from all members of the society to adopt the technologies innovated to fight back. Mason adds that the mitigation of climate change will only be successful when interdisciplinary approaches are used (Canever & DeGeorge, 2018). In the same context, I agree with her assessment because mitigating the disaster requires knowledge from social sciences, hard sciences, and humanities. 

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Social science is a discipline which focuses on society, for example, relationships within a society. Moreover, it is concerned about anthropology, sociology, political science, among others. Social sciences deal with research methods such as field surveys, laboratory experiments, case studies, and ethnographic study. Separating my beliefs on climate change to remain objective would be difficult because that is what I believe in and putting them aside, I will feel that a part of me does not exist anymore. However, I would consider separating them if they are scientifically proven to be irrelevant. 

Chapter 6 

Sam Kass's research on improving learning by taking a nutritious breakfast in the morning highlights the benefits of nutrition in learning. In order to comprehensively understand the findings of the research, an interdisciplinary approach would work best than a disciplinary approach due to the fact that in order to achieve improved grades it takes the collaboration of ideas from different disciplines. Although both education and nutrition are different, the research highlights that they have to work hand in hand to achieve improved cognitive capabilities in learners. 

According to Kass’ research, both political science and public administration discipline and nutritional science discipline are evident. Each discipline played a key role in ensuring successful learning in Burke county, Georgia. The collaboration of individuals from both disciplines resulted in a 17.5% increase in math and reading scores (TED, 2017). Ted who represented nutrition science had the idea of improving learning through nutritious breakfast while the White House administration had the perspective of enhancing learning in the county since it's the jurisdiction of the president to ensure quality learning through its powers. For instance, if each discipline would decide to address the problem individually the progress would be fruitless because the White House administration lacked the knowledge of the provision of nutritive breakfast while Ted lacked the resources required to implement its idea. 

Chapter 7 

Gentrification is the process by which a group of wealthier individuals relocate to an area of a lower class compared to them and bring about changes which the original residents cannot cope. Before watching the video, I used to confuse between gentrification and revitalization since the effects are almost similar. Throughout the video, Stacey Sutton highlights the misconceptions that people have about gentrification. Gentrification brings about advantages in a place such as reduced crime; however, the transformation leads to increased property values, disruption of culture, systemic racism and a high cost of living which the minorities find it hard to manage (TEDx Talks, 2015). Indeed, gentrifications result in the oppression of the low-class individuals, for example, in San Francisco and New York. 

Gentrification lies under the disciplines of social sciences and Business. Gentrification lies under the business discipline incorporates erection of new buildings for both commercial and residential purposes and under social science discipline since it affects the social life of the earliest inhabitants of an area. Since the business discipline majorly deals with economics and finance management, gentrification borrows a lot from the discipline since it leads to social-economic changes such as the rise of new businesses. To make the process of gentrification less painful, business enterprises ought to advocate for policies which protect the longtime residents such as affordable low-income housing and stop large-scale luxury developments. By doing so, the longtime residents' livelihood would be catered for such that they can all live comfortably. However, such policies would not be enacted without the collaboration of the government, which lies in another discipline. 

Chapter 8 

In his article 'The Problem with the Second Phase of Gentrification,' Alan Ehrenhalt relates gentrification to hipster. He wrote this article in January 2016 to show how gentrification leads to displacement of people and businesses. Moreover, he compares the first phase with the second phase of gentrification, citing that the second phase will have tremendous effects than the first phase. Ehrenhalt (2016) explains that before gentrification a common resident would afford the lifestyle effortlessly with only one income which is not the case with the second phase where and individual living in San Francisco with two incomes finds it unaffordable. Also, the second phase is expected to displace more people compared to the first phase, where the abandoned offices and residential houses were refurbished using subsidies from the government (Ehrenhalt, 2016). On the other hand, the second phase requires more space which outstrips the supply of residential houses due to increased demand than the supply. 

The author states that systemic racism has erupted due to the second phase of gentrification. For instance, such an incident was evident in Fort Greene, whereby a heat-up was experienced between the longtime black residents and the incoming whites. The incident saw Atlanta and Washington D.C. lose the residents of color. Although Ehrenhalt (2016) relates gentrification with oppression and high cost of living, he highlights the benefits its comes along with such as reduced crime rates, improved social amenities such as public schools and hospitals, availability of specified shopping outlets among others. 

The original gentrifiers who resided in the high-end residences during the first phase of gentrification in the United States are slowly disappearing claims Ehrenhalt (2016). Luxury high-rise buildings for both commercial and residential outlets have sprouted over the years only allowing the rich people from all over the world to accommodate them. The biggest puzzle remains that most of the owners are ever absent from their residences since they are always busy in other countries. The commercial rents have hiked up making the original occupants vacate; thus, the rapid emergence of multiple banks and high-end drug stores and boutiques (Ehrenhalt, 2016). Such trend clearly shows the end of the first phase of gentrification and the ushering in of the second phase of gentrification in most of the United States’ cities with global recognition. Due to the expensive rents at the gentrified environments, people have been forced to vacate and seek other places of residences far from the gentrified neighborhoods such as Fort Greene, Logan Square and Bedford. 

Chapter 9 

Problem centering approach would be the best approach in mitigating the problem of gentrification since it is more of a constructivist paradigm. The approach promotes interdisciplinarity whereby the panel mitigating the problem can integrate knowledge from different disciplines (Leavy, 2016) . Moreover, the approach is the most appropriate in solving problems experienced as a result of gentrification due to the fact that all possible ideas of dealing with the issues are outlined and analyzed. However, broad model approach method would serve better since it links knowledge from multiple disciplines cognitively for more understanding (Zuk et al , 2015) . Also, it involves an easy, faster, and detailed format of conducting research. Based on the review of Alan Ehrenhalt article, redefinition would be the most appropriate strategy for integration. The redefinition strategy mostly would apply in redefining the policies of urban housing and development such that the gentrification process will not negatively affect longtime residents of an area. 

Chapter 10 

The first step in any research which uses the broad model as the research process is defining the problem or stating the research question using the laid criteria. According to my point of view, my research question would be Analysis of the impact of gentrification to avoid the oppression of longtime residents in urban areas. Significantly, the process of defining the problem requires critical thinking to avoid going astray of the criteria provided. In my case, the criteria of defining the scope of study answering the "so what" question was easy compared to the first and the third criteria which mandates the author to introduce the problem in such a way that is appropriate to interdisciplinary study. Generally, an individual should be very cautious when defining the problem in research to avoid biases of any discipline which I found to be the difficult part of the laid criteria. 

Chapter 11 

Interdisciplinarity is the core aspect of Broad Model approach. According to Zuk et al (2015), t his aspect makes the approach of integration the most outstanding among the others. Based on the research question and the problem of gentrification, the pure disciplines that are relevant to this research include the social sciences and business disciplines. These disciplines sum almost to 80% of the process of gentrification because the process affects the social-economic stability of a locality. The social sciences discipline involves sociology, proposal, and implementation of new policies through the law, the education of the inhabitants, and the demographic factors (Repko et al , 2016) . On the other hand, the business discipline involves the balancing of demand and supplies and services in the given locality, land rates, rent, businesses, and the cost of living. 

Chapter 12 

In conclusion, my view on the interdisciplinary degree program has taken another direction since the first class. I have come to realize that studying an interdisciplinary degree leads to the benefit of diversification since an individual has knowledge of multiple disciplines. The interdisciplinary approach of approaching problems has woken the idle potential within my mind to be more creating and fast in solving problems. Before then, solving the complex problem was difficult that I had to leave the problems unsolved, but now my cognitive thinking capacity has grown. The most interesting thing I have learned this semester is that my dream career allows room for interdisciplinarity; therefore, I will have vast knowledge about multiple systems. All in all, awareness of interdisciplinary studies should be availed to students because they are more beneficial and marketable. 


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