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The Elements of Moral Philosophy in Healthcare

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Question 1. 

Virtue is a trait of a character manifested in a habitual form ( Rachels, 2003, 175 ). As a patient, some of the virtues that I would expect from nurses or doctors is that they should be kind, empathy, honesty, courage, caring, and fair. It is not reasonable to expect these virtues because doctors may, at the time, find themselves in a dilemma that may require they do not remain virtuous. Doctors may not always be motivated by the demands of virtue than they are by what they perceive to be explicit rules that pertain to some matter.

Question 2. 

Empathy has been noticeably lacking in the healthcare system. Doctors have developed a reputation for being cold and aloof. Healthcare practitioners are accused of treating patients as numbers and objects. The most raised issue in healthcare is complaints concerning the attitude of their attending physicians. Lack of empathy among doctors is associated with detachment and impersonal treatment. As a patient, I can directly tell doctors they are cold rather than reporting them to management as it only worsens the situation. This way, they can positively change. Moreover, as a patient, I would approach treatment positively, which will likely reflect in the doctor.

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Courage has explicitly been lacking in difficult patients. Racheals (2013) note that courage is a mean between cowardice and foolhardiness. Difficult patients are patients who visit healthcare without any apparent medical benefit, those who feel entitled, or those who display self-destructive behavior. For a doctor to continue engaging either by encouraging or advising them, courage is required. Doctors and nurses have at times given up on such patients asserting that they could not withstand the hostility from the patient. Practitioners have, at other times, resented the patients and dismiss them outrightly, especially drug users. As a concerned party on patient abusing drugs or rejecting assistance, I could help the doctor by encouraging the patients. The doctors will learn when they see the transformation in difficult patients.


Rachels, James, (2003). The elements of moral philosophy. Boston :McGraw-Hill, 

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