12 Sep 2022


The Future of Facebook: What to Expect

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Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates in Harvard University launched Facebook on February 4, 2004 (Burke and Kraut, 2016). One of the co-founders includes Edwardo Saverin. Although its membership was initially limited to its founders in Harvard school, it later expanded to other colleges such as Ivy League. It later spread to most universities in the United States and Canada. It has a great impact on communication and social networking that may change the face of interaction in future. 

The future of Facebook is more than social networking but messaging, and videos. This trend is possible based on the current growth of users who share videos and messages. By September 2006, everyone with a valid email address was able to access Facebook. Its membership increased causing a great influence in universities around the world. Today, its current monthly growth is 0.64% with 1390 million users (Green et al, 2016). This figure was recorded in December 31, 2015. These large users will in future interact through videos and messages, which will improve online relationships. 

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In my experience as a user, I receive videos online from friends who make Facebook a prospective medium. This will automatically gather current and future information that portable devices will automatically broadcast. Communication between people and corporations will improve. Private companies will use their groups to share information automatically using wearable devices. These devices already attract 18 million users and will have more Facebook users in future (Lane, Piercy, and Carr, 2016). 

In conclusion, Facebook will have real-time marketing with the help of auto-broadcasted social data in future. It will have more revenue and will attract more users. People will also have a closer relationship and help one another. If I need food in a certain street, I will have to visit Facebook to see the suggested friends who live nearby and a restaurant that we might like. I will only require wearable devices to do this. 


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