Social Networking Essays: Writing Guide & Examples

Writing an essay on social networking is a common task for modern scholars. Such academic papers aren’t hard to complete yet still can be troublesome. To create an impressive social networking essay in English students must study proposed text samples. Examples were donated by scholars who have already finished the task with high scores. Follow the lead for creative, original papers!

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17 Sep 2023

Does Facebook increase family estrangement?

In the article, _“In the Facebook Era, Reminders of Loss After Families Fracture,”_ Louis demonstrates that social media diminishes the ability of people to disengage when they separate (Louis, 2012). Social media...

Words: 353

Pages: 1

Views: 69

Twitter As The Fifth High Paying Company

Twitter is named the fifth high paying company. A well-structured and efficient labor market is highly competitive. In tech markets, the software engineers are paid many lumps sum amount because they are scarce and...

Words: 326

Pages: 1

Views: 361

17 Sep 2023

Facebook Addiction and Loneliness

Facebook is the largest and one of the fastest rising social media that has taken over the world by a storm since its emergence. With many research studies associating the social site with the increasing cases of...

Words: 259

Pages: 1

Views: 79

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The Value of Facebook and Apple at the NASDAQ

The value of the stock traded at the NASDAQ is dependent on the efforts that the company makes in achieving a competitive edge in the market. Investors are attracted to companies that have promising efforts in the...

Words: 1079

Pages: 4

Views: 112

16 Sep 2023

Is excessive use of Facebook a form of narcissism?

Is excessive use of Facebook a form of narcissism? Narcissists are people who have an imposed self-view, too much obsession with their own opinions. Narcissists are characterized by their obsession with their...

Words: 891

Pages: 3

Views: 384

16 Sep 2023

Facebook User Data: How to Protect Your Information

The Facebook user information has been a prime target to third parties. This target data includes Facebook user IDs, gender, and email address. All of which is accessed by third party without the knowledge of the...

Words: 302

Pages: 1

Views: 80

16 Sep 2023

Negative Aspects and Effects of Social Media Networking

Social networking on social media sites involves individuals viewing videos, photos, and posting experiences. Therefore, one would definitely feel like they are aware of what is going in other peoples’ lives,...

Words: 706

Pages: 2

Views: 181

Facebook’s Ethical and Legal Obligations

The arrival of the internet age brought with it many benefits that were not there before and solutions to problems that could not be previously solved. It also made it possible for people to send information from one...

Words: 1046

Pages: 4

Views: 116

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16 Sep 2023

The Social Psychology Network

Leon Festinger is a highly regarded social psychologist who made ripples in the scientific world; he was best known for the cognitive dissonance theory. Festinger was an American scientist who lived from the year...

Words: 824

Pages: 3

Views: 400

The Application of Twitter in Businesses Today

With more people joining social media today and using frequently, the importance of social media in both daily life and in business is growing. Businesses have profited a lot from social media since they have reached...

Words: 595

Pages: 2

Views: 383



Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Social Networking Essay

There is no unified social networking definition. It is an act of interaction between users who have common interests on a specifically designated platform. The goal of such actions is to make friends online. Social networking essay is usually defined as a written piece describing, explaining, and discussing social networks.

Such definition leaves a broad horizon of possible topics for exploration and discussion. Students at various educational levels will appreciate having expertly-written academic paper samples of this kind. These examples are an infinite source of ideas, narration techniques (browse narrative writing examples), and argumentation tactics. All samples are freely available without registration.

Social Networking Essay Examples to Assure Your Writing Success

Improve your personal style as well as writing skills with free examples of social networking essay. Samples, donated by students, demonstrate a diligent approach to the task. Such an approach combined with great argumentation yield a fantastic result. Look at the benefits of proposed text examples.

  • Advanced vocabulary

Specific wording is used, ensuring a scientific look and presenting a deep topic understanding.

  • Smooth transitions

Elegant transitioning between paragraphs results in a readable, comprehensible narration.

  • Solid structure

Outline, the papers are based on, provides unity and strong connection between all arguments.

  • Convincing argumentation

Supported by credible sources, arguments seem believable and scientifically correct throughout.

Social Networking Argumentative Essay

For an average social networking essay 250 words might be enough. For argumentative one – barely. If students are tasked with argumentative essays they either need more space or more time. Such pieces require in-depth research before writing begins. Research results must be concentrated and squeezed into a small size.

Learn how similar articles were created by other students by checking out online social networking essay examples. Each sample presents a unique approach to argumentation, reasoning, and narration. Study any argumentative essay example closely for writing techniques, convincing tactics, and descriptive wording. Extract useful information and implement it in custom-written pieces for an ultimate score!

Social Networking Essay Outline

Outline of social networking essay is crucial for achieving high scores on such written tasks. The strong structure of an article provides a good base for all further information. It’s better to create it beforehand or use an already existing one. Look at the proposed sample on this topic about education essay below. It’s suitable for a small article, aiming at supporting such activities.

Example of social networking essay outline


  • Define your topic.
  • Express how supportive you are.
  • State presence of supportive arguments.

Body paragraph

  • Why are such platforms good?
  • How does it improve our public life?
  • Future development, perspectives.


  • Reintroduce your topic.
  • Remind how it affects us.
  • Repeat supportive thesis.

Social Networking Essay Introduction

Creating a competent, interesting, captivating article starts with studying samples of introduction to social networking pdf. Such examples can be found on our website, freely downloadable and shareable. An effective intro starts with a term definition, followed by stating the main topic. Next, present personal attitude towards the text subject. It is where our personal essays examples will come in handy. Be laconic, keep it brief. Only the general data, nothing more.

An introductory paragraph must interest readers and make them care and involved. Writing a hook sentence is welcomed yet not obligatory. Beginning a text must be dealt with caution, carefully. Understand such articles deeper by checking out multiple paper establishment examples. Extract useful insights from them, narration techniques, and presentation tactics.

Example of social networking essay introduction

Networking is a term that deals with creating valuable connections within organizations and communities to mobilize the existing resources and achieve set goals. The term can also be described as the skill of building coalitions. Social networking refers to the practice of increasing social contacts or one’s business by connecting with people. Mostly, networking focuses on connecting with people regardless of whether we know them or not. Social Networking occurs at different levels. At the community level, networking creates mutual relationships with the other individuals of the society. In many cases, people meet casually to hold a meeting, share meals, or carry out other activities. Such people end up sharing information, resources, and contacts with each other. Due to these connections, people may end up getting jobs, locating apartments, developing supportive strategies, and increasing trade services. Social networks have existed for a while and have now increased acceptance in contemporary society. The purpose of this essay is to explain how social networks and contacts are significant in job creation and the role of strong versus weak ties when looking at employment in the marketing field.

Social Networking Essay Body Paragraph

The middle paragraph on social networking essay is the core of an entire article. It must include all data, present all arguments, and answer all questions. A central section (or sections) occupies at least 60 percent of all available space. It’s obliged to present arguments and give reasoning in all main paragraphs. While creating this part, please follow a previously created outline closely. It improves transitioning, argumentation quality as well as overall readability. Keep narration clean and academically correct. Avoid grammar or spelling mistakes, repetitions, and illogical sentences.

Please examine a sample below. Written by a capable student it provides tons of useful insights. Try copying presented argumentation techniques, reasoning, and transitioning. Extract necessary wording, facts, and numbers. Infuse this info into custom, unique work.

Example of social networking essay paragraph

​​According to Trimble and Kmec, (2011), understanding examples of some networking activities is necessary before knowing how they influence job search in the marketing field. Some of the well-known networking activities include talking to people in a community, attending professional meetings, offering charity works in a community, among others. Networking contacts are usually found through former employers, extended family, friends, and members of different religious groups, clubs, and other groups to which a person belongs. When it comes to job searching, social networking has played a significant role because it acts as a strategy used to reveal more possibilities and opportunities since it majorly deals with connecting with other individuals.

Social Networking Essay Conclusion

Conclusion of social networking pieces is the smallest part. It gives a satisfying ending leaving the audience with thoughts. A paper finale must be informative and short. Provide already mentioned data with a summary. If any questions were raised in the introduction, they must be answered here. Keep sentences short, on-point, and without repetitions or unnecessary info. A competent, comprehensible summary significantly increases the chances of getting high grades. Write this part with care and attention to detail.

For in-depth comprehension read the provided sample below. Even separated from the context it manages to convey a message. Look how sentences are structured, what data is reminded and how. Try implementing similar techniques in personal scholarly works for ultimate text quality increase. If you have some doubts or questions, use our conclusion maker when you need. 

Example of social networking essay conclusion

Social networking is a significant part of the mutual action at the international, national, and local levels since it empowers people to achieve their goals. People should have the abilities and skills of networking effectively because a lack of these skills may deny them numerous opportunities.  In summary, social networks and contacts have made the world we live in a better place because they have had positive impacts in many spheres of life. The most significant impact has been noticed in the area of job creation.  As discussed above, they connect employers with employees and also aid in referrals. People should use these networks as tools for job search and application. People who are looking for jobs should focus on building strong relationships with their friends who connect them with new networks, and this may land them into more and unexpected jobs. Numerous people have landed jobs because of strong social networks. Therefore, the role of social networks and contacts in job searching process cannot be ignored.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Essay for Students

To change attitudes towards similar tasks, it’s necessary to list the advantages of social networking essay. Considered boring, such papers are much more interesting than any article students get. Social networking essay advantages and disadvantages are similar to ones for other written academic pieces. Positive effects on the brain and cognitive abilities are hard to overestimate. Look at this list of advantages and disadvantages of social networking essay tasks. A true list of benefits will take much more space than we can spare, that’s a short version.


  • Endless subject variety, huge area to explore.
  • Wide range of opinions to consider and data to take into account.
  • Improves authors’ vocabulary and writing skills significantly.
  • Engages thinking about modern problems, finding solutions.
  • Enhances argumentation abilities and convincing tactics.


  • Takes countless hours to complete with a high score.
  • Require authors’ knowledge and personal experience.
  • Hard to nail on the first try without reading any examples beforehand.

Effects of Social Networking Essay on Students

Often scholars face describing negative effects of social networking essay assignments. Completing them requires additional research, complicated argumentation as well as credible sources. Focusing solely on negatives is not as easy as it seems. Being an active user of such platforms, writing such papers can get biased. It’s important to distance yourself from the subject and look at it like scientists do.

Focused on the positive effects of social networking essay pieces look easier. In reality, both types of written papers follow the same structure. They share similar techniques and narration tactics. For successful completion of this task please examine the proposed text examples.

All presented samples were created by scholars and donated after getting a high grade. Learn new argumentation approaches, narration tactics, pacing, and presentation of sources and ideas. Additional knowledge significantly boosts the quality and final score for your scholarly piece. Study samples closely – create unique, custom papers from the ground up!

Social Networking Essay Titles

Specific topic leaves a wide variety of titles for social networking essay. Scholars either receive a list of subjects from their mentor or have the ability to create a custom one. A creative, interesting article starts with its title and topic. A topic on social networking must be catchy, relevant, and highly engaging in reading. We’ve made a list of possible subjects you can use. Additional topics are presented in initial paper samples.

  1. Effect of social networks on kids' behavior.
  2. Rising rate of teenage depression as a result of social media.
  3. Facebook as a substitute for inter-human interaction.
  4. How does the development of such platforms affect science?
  5. Will restricting kids’ usage of such services have a positive effect on their mental state?
  6. Internet community – pros & cons.
  7. Fake life phenomenon, unrealistic life expectations.
  8. How to deal with hate and stalking on social media?
  9. Networking platforms as effective surveillance.

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FAQ About Social Networking Essays

1. Are your social networking essay examples free?

Users can find numerous free essays on social networking on this website. The goal is to provide as much data as needed to educate scholars. We want them capable of completing even the most challenging written assignment. Thus all samples are distributed freely, without registration or payment needed.

2. What are the main benefits of social networking essays?

Similar papers have multiple social networking benefits. These academic pieces develop critical thinking, cognitive, and writing skills. The writing process heavily engages thinking and analyzing. It propitiates thought presentation and convincing readers. Texts are improving argumentation, proving, and creative thinking. Look at proposed paper samples for additional inspiration and fresh thoughts.

3. What are the 3 types of social networking essay?

Essays on social networking are not very unique when it comes to their types. Such papers can be exploratory, persuasive, or argumentative. Students must explore the topic in detail with examples, convince the audience of their topics or describe particular aspects. Different article types feature similar outlines and structures.

4. What is the importance of social networking essay?

Just like any other task, essays on social networking are needed to determine and elevate scholars’ writing skills. Completing this assignment requires advanced abilities. Including data mining, information analysis, and critical thinking. Such skills can be developed manually or simulated by following high-quality samples from above.


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