26 Oct 2022


The Impact of Drone Warfare on International Security

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The use of drones in warfare has grown and will continue to rise into the future as countries shift to unmanned aerial vehicles in their fight against terrorism, reconnaissance, attacks and for spying. Their use is preferred over piloted aircraft because they can offer surveillance at low cost and risk. They have the ability to operate for longer hours without fatigue, and their operators or pilots can hand over their control with not operational downtime. Drones have higher accuracy levels even from a greater distance, and therefore collateral damage to civilians is reduced. Though they are simple and cheaper to operate, they have the same lethal capabilities like regular airplanes. Finally, the use of drones in warfare saves lives of military personnel because they are not in combat (Bowden , 2014; Hayden , 2016; Holland, 2015). 

The use of drones can demoralize soldiers on combat because credit is given to the pilots of the unmanned aerial vehicles who are comfortably located in a safe location and only gives instructions to the drones. Engaging in drone warfare raises ethical issues over a country’s role in another. In most cases, attacks can be carried out without the knowledge of the enemy, and no combat takes place. Innocent civilians can be injured if the target is not located in a secluded location. Powerful nations can use the technology to spy on other countries without their knowledge (Bowden , 2014; Holland, 2015). 

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Even though there are concerns over the use of drones in warfare, their advantages outweigh the disadvantages and make it possible to be precise at hitting the target. Similarly, this opens a new field for military studies reducing the need to employ servicemen who will be based in the battleground. Precise and up to date information relayed by the drones can be used to mobilize resources against an imminent attack and therefore protect lives ( Hayden , 2016). 


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Holland, Louisa Brooke. "Overview of military drones used by the UK armed forces." House of common library. October 8, 2015. Accessed February 23, 2017 

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