4 Nov 2022


The Impact of Genetically Modified Food on Health and the Environment

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A large variety of the foods that we currently consume are foods produced through various laboratory works. These foods are genetically modified through the laboratory. These food products are generated from genetically modified organisms, often referred to as GMOs. GMOs produce food products by eliminating one or more genes, gene mutation, and insertion of new genes (Altieri, 2014). To grow genetically modified plants, new DNA is introduced into the plant cells of the indigenous plant. The plant cells are then developed using the tissue culture growth technique to germinate into mature plants. The seeds generated from these plants get to inherit the new DNA introduced into the plant cells. In simple terms, the genetic composition of any living cell is its genome. In all living organisms, this genetic composition is made up of DNA (Altieri, 2014). Genetically Modified Foods should be banned from the markets to allow only the consumption of indigenous food products. For as much as they are economically friendly, human health and the balance of nature should not be compromised, which often leads to unforeseen consequences. Genetically modified products have severe impacts on the environment. According to Altieri and Pengue (2014), the release of genetically modified crops such as soybean leads to soil degradation and loss of fertility. Altieri (2014) also claims that the existence of GM foods has led to a reduction in various animals such as butterflies since genetically modified crops have eliminated milkweed, one of the primary food sources for butterflies. Also, there have been genetic contamination within various organisms in the environment leading to new species and the death of natural species. GM foods are bound to cause an increase in antibiotic resistance. Genetically modified foods now have massive impacts on the health of human beings. Consumption of GMOs leads to severe health complexities in various individuals. Altieri (2014) argues that GMOs have health impacts such as suppressing the immune system, loss of healthy appetite, inducement of different allergic reactions, and toxicity. Additionally, GMOs would lead to other complexities such as resistance to antibiotics, cancer, lack of protein formation in the body, kidney failure, liver failure, and gastrointestinal systems failures (Altieri, 2014) 


Altieri, M., &Pengue, W. (2014) . Genetically Modified Crops Are Not Environmentally Friendly: Genetically Modified food . United States of America: Greenhaven Press. 

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