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The Impact of Workplace Bullying

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Bullying is the use of force, intimidation and pressure on others so as to get them to do something for you. Bullying varies from the use of verbal harassment, to physical abuse, and even threats directed at a particular person or even at a specific group of persons. Bullying has been known to have significant negative effects on the victims many of whom are disadvantaged compared to their attackers in terms of physical build or even social standing. This theory however has at times been disputed that it is also likely that the bully feels threatened by their target and so will gang up with others to express their frustrations in a negative manner meant to harm their victim ( Kelloway, Barling, & Hurrell Jr. 2006).

History has examples of bullying with incidences ranging from small time intimidation to those that ended fatally. The use of the term bullying as used to define the use of intimidation can be traced back to 1710. Dictators such as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were defined as bullies due to their actions across Europe. They used force and their adoption of fascism as a leadership method lead to the death of millions of people. Many persons have different beliefs as to what is referred to as bullying and what can be mere hostility ( Kelloway, Barling, & Hurrell Jr. 2006).  

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Most of the nonviolent behavior is considered as indirect bullying and social aggression. However, it is this form of indirect bullying that does not involve physical assault that has been seen to have the most fatal consequences ranging from suicides to drug addictions as a way for the victims to cope (Williams, Forgas, Von Hippel 2000). Bullying in recent times has seen the country up in arms in an attempt to find solutions to the problem and provide help for those who are victims both of direct and indirect. The media has been in the frontline showing the violent results of teens and grownups a like committing suicide and other consequences as a result of bullying. 

Bullying does not only occur in schools, it also happens at places of work. As high as 37% of Americans have reported being bullied at the work place translating to over 54 million people, quite a depressing statistic. A grimmer picture is painted where most of the bullies are bosses and many of those who are bullied will ignore the incidents with only a mere 3% filing lawsuits. The effects of bullying at work place are that the employees are not motivated to work and their overall output goes down with others suffering from anxiety and stress. Bullies at places of work will have some control over their victims and will use this to taunt and intimidate them constantly. Many of the victims who cannot bear this behavior will quit or resign from their jobs resulting in their being unemployed ( Kelloway, Barling, & Hurrell Jr. 2006).

Bullies at both work place and schools, interestingly target those they see as a threat to them ( Kelloway, Barling, & Hurrell Jr. 2006). During an internship at an IT firm, one of the interns was a victim of bullying from a colleague after they were outsmarted during a normal workplace meeting. The intern was constantly being put down and they eventually left the firm. We later came to realize that the bully was doing this to ensure they kept their position at the firm as they saw the intern as being a threat to his position in the company. 

According to Williams, Forgas, Von Hippel (2000), Companies need to emphasize on a No Bullying Policy and have those who are accused of this behavior facing legal and disciplinary actions. Companies need to have occasional sensitization seminars for their staff to inform them on the policies regarding bullying and other forms of discrimination in the work place. Any form of discrimination that is reported in the workplace should be properly document and investigated as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. This is meant to protect and reassure the victim as well as to curb any further incidents of work place bullying being carried out. There are those incidents that can be resolved within the workplace; however, in extreme cases there is need to involve law enforcement agencies. Companies are advised to monitor and assess their employees to know how they are faring on in the company and what needs to be improved.

Similarly, Companies should foster an open relationship between the employer and the employees. When there is a lack of openness and proper communication between the management and the employees, bullying will go undetected and will have dire consequences on the performance of the employees and by extension the company. The employees need to know that they can air their grievance without the fear of being victimized. Silence should not be a way for them to deal with any form of bullying in the workplace. When the employees see that such incidences are dealt with severely they will go a long way in preventing any further cases from taking place. Firms will use such disciplinary measures as dismissal, demotion from work or suspensions for given periods of time. Companies must insist on the work place being a positive environment and that the employees formulate positive ways of competing with each other and teach them that sabotage will only have negative outcomes in the long run ( Kelloway et al, 2006).

In conclusion, bullying occurs in three main ways; it maybe physical, verbal and emotional. Bullying is evident in day to day life and we are faced with the likely hood of being targets no matter where we are. It is important for victims to seek help and not keep quiet about it as this may lead to psychological and emotional torture that may make one to harm himself or more worse, commit suicide. Authorities in schools and at work place must put in place stern policies to stem out the vice, and protect the victims and bring perpetrators to book 


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Williams K. D., Forgas, J. P & Von Hippel, W (2000) (Eds.). The social outcast; ostracism, social exclusion, rejection bullying . Psychology press: New York

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