Bullying Essay Writing Guide & Examples

Bullying essay is a popular assignment in schools and colleges. Students do struggle to complete this task. Those who have never experienced violent behavior have problems the most. Writing such essays requires not only a deep understanding of problematics but also advanced writing skills. Both of these things can be improved by studying bullying essay examples. We offer free, high-quality text samples for everyone. Learn how such pieces are written, structured, and presented. Extract new argumentation techniques, narration tactics, and completely gratis!

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17 Sep 2023

School Bullying: How to Recognize and Prevent It

School bullying is a behavioral aspect that has gained educators' and policymakers' attention in various parts of the globe in recent years. Psychologists define bullying as international verbal or physical abuse...

Words: 2506

Pages: 4

Views: 174

Harassment, Bullying and Aggressive Behavior at the Workplace

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), about 2 million Americans reportedly experience varied forms of violence at their respective places of work (NSC, 2018). These forms of violence at the workplace take...

Words: 1186

Pages: 3

Views: 380

Bullying among Adolescents

Upon assuming the role of First Lady, Melania Trump made tackling bullying one of the goals that she would strive to accomplish. Her dedication points to the gravity of the problem of bullying. Every year, thousands...

Words: 1465

Pages: 5

Views: 95

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17 Sep 2023

Workplace bullying: a significant problem in the 21st century

Workplace bullying continues to be a significant problem in the 21st century. Although it is viewed as a form of aggression, bullying is hard to identify as it can manifest in both obvious and subtle forms. Besides,...

Words: 750

Pages: 2

Views: 122

17 Sep 2023

Effects of Bullying on Children’s Education

Effects of Bullying on Children’s Education Policy makers and educators from different parts of the world have had their attention caught with the behavioral phenomenon that is bullying over the last few years....

Words: 569

Pages: 2

Views: 391

16 Sep 2023

Bullying in the Modern Society

Introduction One of the major problems experienced in the modern culture is bullying. Bullying is described as the undesired or unwanted aggressive behavior usually portrayed by school age children that shows a lack...

Words: 2950

Pages: 15

Views: 439

16 Sep 2023

Long-Term Effects of Bullying

Bullying has long-lasting effects on both the victims and the perpetrators. Both the bullies and the bullied develop physical and psychological harmful effects. There are short-term effects that effects of bullying...

Words: 1354

Pages: 5

Views: 81

16 Sep 2023

The Impact of Workplace Bullying

Bullying is one of the most despicable and vilest activities that individuals commit on others. Even though bullying primarily occurs among young children and adolescents it is a misconception to conclude that it...

Words: 576

Pages: 2

Views: 117

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Nurses Bullying and Possible Solutions

The healthcare sector is one of the most important aspects that contribute to human wellbeing and development. It accounts for the provision of treatment and care to people suffering from various mental and physical...

Words: 1129

Pages: 4

Views: 375

16 Sep 2023

Is Verbal Bullying as Consequential as Cyberbullying?

Bullying is an aggressive behavior directed towards someone who is not part of a social group and get away with it using force, threat, intimidation, coercion or aggressively dominating others. The behavior is often...

Words: 1633

Pages: 5

Views: 86



Assignment types
Academic level

What Is Bullying Essay?

First, we must define bullying. It is a violent behavior towards someone usually expressed with physical or emotional harm by one or multiple people. Such actions are common among high-schoolers and college scholars. As an encouragement for thinking and analysis of this problem, teachers made an essay about bullying a common task.

This topic is vast and complicated, despite being old and well-known. There are multiple types of bullying, starting from cyber activities to physical aggression. As an example, take our cyber bullying essay. Such academic papers focus on various aspects of the problem. The emotional state of bullied children or causes that led to an appearance of a bully. 

Free Bullying Essays on Any Topic

Successful completion of such a task is almost impossible without samples of free essays about bullying. Unlike other written assignments, such a subject requires an emotional yet argumentative approach. Nailing this balance is hard to even experienced writers.

On this website, any scholar can find multiple samples of bullying essays by students regarding this topic. Here are some of them:

  • Bullying on social media essay

Online aggression towards other users is a reality. It’s crucial to examine, study it, and find its roots and possible solutions. 

  • Road bullying essay examples

Drivers are notorious for being bullies to other drivers. Car pilots tend to have a “road-rage” when their anger completely overflows.

  • Workplace bullying essay example

It’s common for workers to act hostile toward less-experienced or lower-position colleagues. The problem must be studied and the solution should be found.

Other types of such articles are presented below in more detail.

Anti Bullying Essays Examples

If you’re tasked with an essay on anti bullying, it’ll be a great way to think critically. Short essay about anti bullying law is the best topic you can get. It’s straightforward, easy to write, and free of complications. Scholars are expected to explain why such violent behavior appears and its consequences. It’s needed to present all possible arguments and reasons for pushing initiatives to stop it.

An essay about anti bullying act is not very frightening, yet still troubles scholars. Those who haven’t encountered it have no idea what to write or how to do it. Look at the provided anti bullying essay example further in the text to find that out. See the proper structuring, argumentation techniques, and wording rules of such texts. Implement them in custom papers.

Stop Bullying Essays

A persuasive essay on how to stop bullying requires more critical thinking and an analytical approach. Scholars must study the problem closely and determine the origins of the aggression. Next, come up with a list of solutions. Argumentation and problem-solving skills are crucial. If you have little experience with similar papers, feel free to use how to stop bullying essay examples. They are available freely, with no payment or registration.

These samples of ways to stop bullying essay are a great way to learn new tricks. You can also browse our persuasive essay examples. They will help find credible data sources, presentation of arguments, and address controversies. Samples are meant for inspiration and education purposes. Find new writing techniques, narration tactics, and pacing guides in paper samples. Download them for free as pdf or study them online.

Effects of Bullying Essay Examples

One more popular subject is the effects of bullying essay. Such papers also rely on analytical, critical thinking. Students must analyze the negative outcomes of being bullied or being a bully. Two sides to the problem. Using our critical analysis essay example pdf will help you with this way of thinking. In addition, there are two types of papers on this topic.

  • Consequences of bullying essay

Focus more on outcomes, ignoring all that comes before the act of violent behavior. Try adding statistics and credible data from corresponding scientific studies. Describe how such actions affect youngsters, their future life, character, and life goals.

  • Cause and effect bullying essay

This paper type requires an examination of preconditions of such behavior. Analyze possible triggers, the life of an aggressive side, and actions of victims. Look for reasons why it happens and what causes it. Only after that move to the consequences.

Example Essay About Bullying

If you are trying to come up with a five paragraph essay on bullying, we’ve got you! Multiple sample texts are available online on this website, check them out! Look at some benefits every bullying essay example features.

  • Compliant with regulations

Donated by scholars, each sample complies with all regulations of education institutions. Size, formatting, structure – everything is up to code.

  • Developed structure

Concrete outline is seen behind every sentence, resulting in a coherent narration, effective argumentation, and smooth transitioning.

  • In-depth analysis

Even a 500 word essay on bullying showcases substantial research conducted beforehand. Each argument is supported by credible sources.

We offer multiple types of samples, such as argumentative, persuasive, expository, exemplification essay examples, and others. Some of these types are described below in more detail.

Argumentative Essay About Bullying Examples

Writing a good bullying argumentative essay is challenging. Not every scholar can successfully write an argumentative paper on a regular topic. When it comes to dissecting such a subject as oppression, more problems appear.

These pieces require writers to present one position on a subject, supporting it with arguments. Argumentative essay on bullying is closer to a classical research paper since it heavily relies on argumentation. Luckily, no convincing is asked for.

To learn how argumentative essay on anti bullying should be written, examine proposed samples. Provided exemplars were written by students. They fully comply with regulations. We also suggest studying argumentative essay samples from our library. The language used does not sound too advanced. So, extracting words or sentences is possible without huge rephrasing.

Persuasive Essays About Bullying Examples

Bullying persuasive essay, on the contrary, does require convincing an audience. It must be written in a more believable fashion, persuading readers. It may share data sources with argumentative pieces but the arguments must be presented differently. It’s important to see that difference beforehand, analyze peculiarities and develop a strategy.

In writing a persuasive essay on bullying examples serve a vital role. By following already-existing texts it is much easier to convey a message, without compromising on text quality. Learn structuring, paper organization, and convincing techniques. Such examples of persuasive essay about bullying are great for inspiration, finding new ways of proving a point, or argumentation. Look how other students managed to write a memorable, effective, interesting article and earn the highest score.

Expository Essay on Bullying

Expository essay about bullying tasks scholars with an in-depth analysis of a problem with its accurate representation. For such relevant problems as hostile behavior, it is extremely important to see the complete picture.

Such informative essays on bullying are assigned to teach students about data-mining and assessing multiple opinions. Scholars should analyze the context and real-life scenarios as well as find origins and outcomes. Evaluate all the evidence, find alternative studies, and provide examples for each argument. Presenting those findings in a concise, clear manner is required. For a better understanding, browse various expository writing examples.

Bullying expository essay is a complete research piece that maintains impartiality throughout. Use contrasts, comparisons, examples, and definitions. Study proposed pieces – learn the structuring, argumentation, and evidence presentation. Utilize that info to create unique scholarly pieces from scratch!

College Essays on Bullying Examples

In higher institutions rules become stricter, so bullying college essay examples are also available. Violent behavior in colleges happens less often, but exposing it is also important. Students of colleges experience the same struggles as high-schoolers do. Find an approach to prove an idea, present arguments, and maintain a coherent narration. All those actions require skill or following examples.

Proposed academic pieces showcase various ideas, approaches, and tactics. It’s crucial to study them before typing anything. New techniques, tricks, and transition wording will substantially elevate the quality of a final paper. All articles are distributed freely, download them any time you want.

How to Structure Essays on Bullying?

An essay about bullying is incomplete without a competent structure underneath. The organization of narration is a crucial step in creating a memorable, comprehensible, readable article. Scholarly pieces like this greatly benefit from having a solid foundation. It ties arguments together, connects them, and allows for smooth, seamless transitioning. Creating an outline is a step no writer should ignore. 

Example of bullying essay outline

Introduction: its phenomenon, impact on lives.

  • Negative aspects of such hostile behavior
  • Victims, reasons they get bullied
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraphs: the presentation of arguments and examples.

  • How and why does it happen?
  • Results of it for victims and bullies
  • Is there a solution? Which one?

Conclusions: the importance of problem-solving.

  • Restating the topic
  • Repeating thesis statement

Bullying Essay Introduction

Bullying introduction paragraph must start with presenting an object of discussion. Start with its explanation, how it happens, and what actions are already taken to prevent it. Use your own words or cite a dictionary. Emphasize the importance of this discussion, analysis, and fixing an issue.

A good introduction for a bullying essay includes a thesis statement. More on that in the next chapter. The introductory part must be smaller than a body paragraph yet bigger than a summary. Try maintaining academic correctness and avoiding grammar mistakes. As an example, take our social media essay introduction to pay attention to every detail.

Check out any example of essay on bullying introduction to learn new techniques and approaches. Look at the correct introductory paragraphs and follow their example. Extract new wording, narration tactics, and sentence structures. Create a custom, original intro by repeating after proposed samples.

Bullying essay introduction example

​​Bullying is one of the major social evils that are prevalent in many socio-economic, racial, and cultural groups.  Approximately 20 to 30% of students have been involved in this vice as either perpetrators or victims. The behavior might start at a young age and might continue throughout the schooling period up to high school education. Bullying has a negative effect on a child or an adult who is exposed to it. The victim might suffer both physically and emotionally and may also be withdrawn from other members of their peers. It might also lead to a diminished self-esteem and depression that might extend to the latter stages of the victim’s life.

Thesis Statement on Bullying Essay

Thesis for bullying essay is essential. It acts as a hook, grabbing audiences’ attention. Being a central piece of any introduction, it effectively showcases the direction of an entire paper. The authors explain the general meaning of this paper with expected results and proposed solutions. This statement encapsulates the whole paper in one, complex sentence.

Learn how it’s done by checking out an example of thesis statement bullying essay. See how students managed to fit big ideas into one sentence, interest readers, and get attention. Crafting this piece is crucial for a high-scoring paper, so spend time on it. In case you will have some doubts, try our thesis generator.

Bullying Essay Body

All arguments and examples must be located in the body sections of bullying essays. The body is a centerpiece of an entire scholarly piece. It’s ideal to make up to three body paragraphs. Each paragraph must be targeted at presenting and describing a specific detail. It can be an argument, a real-life example, or a proposed fix. The content of body paragraphs solely depends on the essay type and subject.

Keep it critical, laconic. Focus on main points, without deviations. Use an outline you’ve created to correctly write these sections. Maintain correct grammar and spelling throughout. Check the credibility of sources. For complete understanding, read an example of bullying essay body paragraph below. Look for clues on how it should be written.

Bullying essay body paragraph example

Bullying has several negative effects that impact society. One of the most affected areas are the agents of socialization. Here, various stakeholders and institutions are affected including the family, teachers, schools, and the peer groups. The emotional and behavioral changes that are caused by bullying can lead to serious problems at home. People who are bullied tend to develop the tendency to keep secrets at home. This might lead to distress on the parents as they attempt to evaluate what might be wrong with their children. The irritability caused at the learning place might be extended to home, hence, resulting in an argumentative nature which may further cause problems. Since most victims are ashamed, they might develop a culture of dishonesty which might endanger them to a point the family members might find difficult to intervene.

Bullying Essay Conclusion Paragraph

In papers about bullying conclusion paragraph is the shortest one. This part serves a summary and motivational purposes. It must leave a long-lasting impression encouraging readers to stop behaving this way in colleges and schools. Start with rewriting a topic and thesis statement. Once again, emphasize the importance of fixing this issue.

It’d be smart to present possible solutions and preventive measures. Don’t repeat body paragraphs, just reference them. Conclusions for bullying essays are time-consuming, knowledge and skill-dependent. Inexperienced writers struggle with creating this part.

Ease pain by following our proposed samples. Creative, easy-to-repeat pieces will help you greatly. Study them closely for inspiration, new ideas, narration tactics, and wording. Five minutes of reading samples will save hours of writing. Make a hard task easier by following proposed samples!

Example of conclusion on bullying essay

On its overall effect on the school, bullying might tarnish the reputation of a learning institution, making parents shy away from taking their children to such schools. Bullying might have implications on the academic performance of an institution due to the emotional and behavioral effects it has on students. Lastly, bullying may destroy relationships among peers as given the facts that it comes with behavioral changes that might severely influence how people relate.

How to Write an Essay About Bullying

Curious how to write a persuasive essay on bullying easily? Here’s a step-by-step guide for a better understanding:

  1. Select an interesting subject. Browse through proposed bullying essay topics or create a custom one. Picking an interesting topic elevates texts’ quality and argumentation.
  2. Sketch ideas. Brainstorm ideas and write them down. Think of arguments, personal attitudes, pros and cons. Use those ideas in the next step.
  3. Structure the text. Create an anti bullying essay outline using personal idea sketches. Solid structure improves narration, readability, and comprehension.
  4. Research the data. Conduct a study before writing, collect the data, and prepare citations. A solid academical foundation leads to a convincing paper.
  5. Think of a core idea. Write a bullying essay thesis. Try presenting the main idea and goals to reach. Look at the proposed examples to do it correctly.
  6. Create a first draft. Type everything you can think of in this draft. Rewrite it, fix repetitions, and make narration clean and comprehensible.
  7. Proofread it. After you’re satisfied with the contents, look for grammar mistakes. Fix spelling errors, unclear wording, incorrect language.
  8. Check originality. Final step is plagiarism checking. See if your thoughts are unique. Rewrite what’s needed to achieve complete originality and uniqueness.

Good Bullying Essay Title Ideas & Topics

There is an infinite number of bullying titles for an essay to choose from. Those titles for bullying essays are usually provided by teachers. If no information was given, select the topic you like. Spend time on this ensuring that a selected subject does interest you. Create a custom or use one from our suggestions. A list of bullying topics for essay to choose from is below:

  1. The connection between violent behavior and simple teasing among scholars.
  2. How can we support people suffering from a hostile environment?
  3. Group aggression or single-person hate, what’s worse?
  4. What can society do for the prevention of aggressive behavior?
  5. Oppression online, causes, outcomes, prevention methods.
  6. Effects of persecution on victims’ mental health and future.
  7. How do bullies become aggressive, what drives them?
  8. Easy-to-implement solutions to prevent kids' bullying.
  9. The reaction of teachers to such violent acts, what should it look like?
  10. Share a personal experience of seeing, experiencing, or participating in bullying activities.

FAQ About Essay on Bullying

1. How to start an essay on bullying?

To start an essay about bullying, scholars must introduce readers to the problem. Exposition is necessary for the audience to understand the nature and personal connection to an issue. Add background information and mention personal experience if possible. Next, state your attitude to it or an idea you need to prove. Keep it short, informative, and free of repetitions or useless data.

2. What are some good titles for bullying essays?

Find a good title for bullying essay above. There’s a list of possible topics to choose from. If you’re creating a custom title, try focusing on problematics and stating the question. Showcase why this paper exists, its purpose, and its final goal.

3. Are these bullying essays plagiarism-free?

Offered examples of bullying essays were donated by students. Before donation, each article was submitted as personal work. Texts were original at the moment of submission and serve only educational purposes now. You can’t submit them as a unique academic piece. Use them to learn new tricks and create original papers yourself!

4. What if I submit your bullying essay example?

If a student submits a bullying essay example, no high grade can be expected. Teachers are using plagiarism checkers so the gamble will end before it starts. Study these sample texts to create unique articles easily. Or ask us to write one for you.


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