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The Influence of Ethnic/Cultural Background on Parenting Beliefs and/or Practices

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Lin, A. R., Simpkins, S. D., Gaskin, E. R., & Menjívar, C. (2018). Cultural values and other perceived benefits of organized activities: A qualitative analysis of Mexican-origin parents’ perspectives in Arizona.  Applied Developmental Science 22 (2), 89-109. 

This article examined how various cultural values influence organized activities making parents endorse certain school activities. The study employs a quantitative method of research through interviews revealing that though organized activities were observed to bring positive outcomes, it also promoted culture and traditional values. 

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The article is relevant to the current study as it reflects the influence of cultural beliefs on parenting practices. Parents believe that certain activities promote cultural growth among their children in an organized manner. These beliefs influence the endorsement of cultural acceptance by the parents. 

Juang, L. P., Yoo, H. C., & Atkin, A. (2017). A critical race perspective on an empirical review of Asian American parental racial-ethnic socialization. In  Asian American Parenting  (pp. 11-35). Springer, Cham. 

This article examined the association between parent's racial socialization and parenting practices that makes them feel powerless in society and, in turn, influences their parenting skills. The article describes how parents can help or influence their children's social life to help them overcome racial bias from various activities and experiences. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it examined the influences of the cultural backgrounds of parents and how it shapes their impact on their children to overcome racial socialization. The article explores various ways parents empower their children to overcome racial socialization by raising them culturally and supporting them with the necessary skills to avoid feeling powerless. 

Kao, T. S. A., & Caldwell, C. H. (2017). Family efficacy within ethnically diverse families: A qualitative study.  Family Process 56 (1), 217-233. 

This article examined the relationship between family beliefs and the impact on overall child behavior. The study shows how various family beliefs guide adolescents and protect them from risky behaviors. The results of the study revealed that families with strong family and cultural beliefs are more likely to bring up more intelligent children focused on academic achievement. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it highlights the influence of cultural and family beliefs that parents instill in their young adolescents to guard them against risky behaviors. The research shows the influence of multidimensional family efficacy and its relation to promoting cultural diversity among adolescents. 

Williams, C. D., Bravo, D. Y., Umaña-Taylor, A. J., Updegraff, K. A., Jahromi, L. B., Martinez-Fuentes, S., & Elias, M. D. J. (2019). Intergenerational transmission of cultural socialization and effects on young children’s developmental competencies among Mexican-origin families.  Developmental psychology (pp. 2-21)

This article examined the transmission of cultural socialization from Mexican parents to their children in developing various competencies. The results of this study indicate that mediation enhances cultural socialization among young children and adolescents, which has a positive effect on their interaction with their peers. The study shows the importance of cultural socialization in developing competencies. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it shows the relationship between intergenerational cultural socialization and the development of competencies among young children. The study shows the association and influence of cultural beliefs instilled by parents to their children and how it helps develop various skills among their peers. 

Lui, P. P., Berkley, S. R., & Zamboanga, B. L. (2019). College alcohol belief and alcohol use: Testing moderations by cultural orientations and ethnicity.  Journal of counseling psychology (pp. 2-18) .  

This article examined the connection between culture and heavy alcohol usage in college. This influence may arise from popular stereotypes propagated by the parents, relatives, or parents of college students. The results of the study reveal that Asian Americans have a higher affinity for Alcohol misuse in college. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it highlights the various cultural beliefs and stereotypes that influence college students in association with alcohol misuse. Stereo types connected with heavy alcohol use in college promotes their knowledge about culture and lowers their risk of using alcohol or lowers their rate of consumption. 

Hussong, A., Jones, D. J., & Jensen, M. (2018). Synthesizing a special issue on parenting adolescents in an increasingly diverse world.  Journal of Research on Adolescence 28 (3), 665-673. 

This article identifies the various multicultural issues associated with parenting of adolescents in a multicultural world. The article focuses on three main diversity socialization goals related to enhancing maturity among the youth. The three main areas of diversity socialization identified in the article include assisting the youth find their value, increase their value, and prepare for biased rejection. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it examined the association of cultural beliefs and how they are used by parents and guardians to shape the youth and help them understand their value. The study also shows how cultural beliefs are used to prepare the youth for future rejection in society. 

Chen, S., Benner, A., & Wang, Y. (2019). Discrimination and adolescents' academic and socioemotional adjustment: The moderating roles of family and peer cultural socialization —International Journal of Psychology

This article explores the roles of family and parents in mitigating the effects of racial discrimination among ethnic minority adolescents. The study employed a qualitative method for the research method. The results of the study revealed that cultural socialization influenced by the family had a moderating effect on minimizing the impact of racial discrimination. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it highlights the positive effect of cultural socialization and the role of the family in mentoring young adolescents towards managing the impacts of racial discrimination. The study highlights the various benefits of cultural socialization influenced by family. 

Kiima, D. (2017).  Evaluating the parenting competence of black and minority ethnic parents  (Doctoral dissertation, University of York)

This article examined the ability of parenting to incorporate important cultural and ethnic values among the youth, specifically black and minority youth. The study shows how parenting helps shape various perceptions to create a concrete identity for the youth to be focused and aim at achieving their goals while overseeing distinct racial differences. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it highlights the importance of proper parenting in shaping the values and attitudes of the youth despite various racial differences. The article outlines the multiple benefits of cultural influences and beliefs instilled by parents to keep their children focused on achieving their goals despite racial differences. 

van Bergen, D. D., Ersanilli, E. F., Pels, T. V., & De Ruyter, D. J. (2016). Turkish-Dutch youths’ attitude toward violence for defending the in-group: What role does perceived parenting play?.  Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology 22 (2), 120. 

This article explores the role or parental cultural socialization in influencing the attitudes of the youth in using violence to solve various disputes and challenges. The study examined the role of parents in shaping different attitudes among the youth, influencing towards avoiding risk and violent tendencies. The study employed a quantitative method of research, revealing how parental socialization is focused on equality. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it highlights the relationship between parental socialization in instilling critical cultural beliefs among the youth. The study shows how effective parenting is essential to instilling important values among the youth to mitigate violent tendencies among the youth. 

Wu, X. (2019). INFLUENCES OF PARENTS AND CHURCH ON ETHNIC IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT AMONG SECOND-GENERATION IMMIGRANT YOUTH: A Qualitative Study Based on Youth Fellowship of Chinese Lutheran Church in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. 

This article examined the influence of parents and church in the development of a strong identity among Chinese youth. The study employed a quantitative approach to research by interviewing a group of young people from a Chinese Lutheran church. The results of the study revealed that parents and the church played an important role in influencing the youth in identifying their identities. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it shows the cultural influence imparted by parents and the youth in shaping their identity. The study reveals a significant association between the influence of parents and the church in developing identity among the youth. 

Rumpf, H. (2016).  Parental cultural values, parenting practices, and aggression in Malaysian and Dutch adolescents  (Master's thesis). 

This article investigates the influence of various parenting practices and their connection to aggression in adolescents and children. The study also examined the impact of cultural influences on parenting practices and how it affects children and adolescents. The results of the study revealed that good behavior in parenting was associated with aggressive attitudes. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it shows the connection between cultural background and parenting practices and its impact on aggression among adolescents. The study shows that there is a significant impact on cultural beliefs and parenting practices as a major influence of aggression among adolescents. 

Zhang, Z., Nie, T., & Xu, D. (2019). Family background, parenting practices, and child outcomes: Chinese migrants’ offspring in Hong Kong.  Chinese Journal of Sociology 5 (3), 263-282. 

This article investigated the relationship between family background, parenting practices, and child outcomes. The study employed a qualitative research approach using population census data. The results of the study revealed that more unsatisfactory academic performance among Chinese migrants was linked to disadvantaged family backgrounds. The study also links parenting practices to the academic performance of their children. 

This article is relevant to the current study, as it shows the relationship between parenting practices and child academic outcomes. The research also shows a link between popular cultural beliefs or practices and child outcomes in the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills. 

Parra-Cardona, J. R., López-Zerón, G., Villa, M., Zamudio, E., Escobar-Chew, A. R., & Rodríguez, M. M. D. (2017). Enhancing parenting practices with Latino/a immigrants: Integrating evidence-based knowledge and culture according to the voices of Latino/parents. Clinical social work journal 45 (1), 88-98. 

This article investigated the role of emotionally nurturing parental practices and their impact on the youth. The study used a qualitative approach in the research methods. The study examined the effect of neglectful parenting practices on child outcomes revealing that cultural belief also played a significant role in influencing child outcomes. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it investigates the connection between various parenting practices and their impact on children and adolescents. The study also examined the role of cultural belief in determining overall child outcomes. The study showed cultural beliefs impacted child outcomes significantly. 

Kim, S. Y., Chen, S., Hou, Y., Zeiders, K. H., & Calzada, E. J. (2018). Parental socialization profiles in Mexican-origin families: Considering cultural socialization and general parenting practices.  Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology

This article examined the relationship between cultural socialization in parenting practices and its impact on adolescents. The study employed a qualitative research method approach. The results of the study revealed that authoritative parenting offers more independence, reasoning, and warmth towards adolescents producing optimal outcomes. The study also identified the authentic parenting style as the most common parenting pattern. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it shows the relationship between cultural beliefs on adolescent outcomes. The study also shows the relationship between various parenting practices, such as the authoritative pattern and their consequences on adolescents. The study also identified that mothers offered more socialization compared to fathers, which significantly impacted the outcome of adolescents. 

Hurtado, G. A., Fife, J. M., Svetaz, M. V., & Allen, M. L. (2018). Assessing multicultural parenting values and practices in prevention programs for Latino youth.  Journal of Youth Development 13 (3), 61-75. 

This article examined the impact of multicultural parenting practices on Latino youth. The study identifies cultural beliefs and diversity as an essential parenting value with a significant influence on the youth. It adopted a quantitative research approach. The results for this study showed that by teaching cultural values and beliefs to their children, Latino parents were able to develop a sense of identity for them. 

This article is relevant to the current study as it shows the impact of instilling cultural beliefs and values to create a sense of identity among the youth. The study also shows the importance of parenting practices based on cultural values. 

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