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The Military Strategy of North Africa

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In the current world were country are facing the challenge of protecting citizens and property from the emerging threats of terrorism military are using advanced strategies to protects people and property from any form of harm. The military has moved further to defines roles and services in each of the sub branches of overall military duties, thus leading to the uniqueness of services and duties that are carried out by military branches. For instance in North Africa, the services of Navy forces is different from army or Special Forces. This different unit of military forces have unique services capability in relation to an operational command, control, and strategic deployment. 

Navy services in North Africa 

The navy service capability is measured using the ships and its weapons systems as well as the quality of forces. This capability and straight of the services is determined through the organization structure and command chain in the forces. Thus, manpower is the most important resources in navy. This complete measure of naval capability will determine how the navy will match against enemy’s weapons. However, apart from war and sovereignty protection in territorial waters, navy in North Africa they have other services that they are supposed to perform. For instance, the Moroccan navy together the royal navy from Europe are tasked to oversee anti-smuggling such as arms for guerrilla forces that are found in the Algerian desert. Further, the navy is used to control illegal immigration in North Africa such as the movement of refugee across the Meterelian Sea from war affected country such as Libya and Algeria. 

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North African Army services 

The Army in North Africa is tasked to eliminate the marshier group in Saharan region. Most of this marshier are fighting for the power or the resources thus leading to the displacement of people and distraction of properties. The Army in North Africa in collaborations with an other army from NATO are working hand in hand with elements marshier threats such Islamic Salvation Army from in the northern region. NATO is providing training skills to North African forces while the two groups are operating in one strategic deployment of eliminating marshier from northern Sahara Africa. 

The services of Marine Corps 

The Marine Corps are the party of the navy department with operating special tasks within the navy forces. Their services and mission is unique in navy ships such as protecting the naval bases, providing ready quick strike force to protect U.S interests in where globally such North African region. The Marine Corps are the self-sustaining force that has logistics support when deployed in international crises. Due to this uniqueness features on Marine Corps, they have been sent by U.S to collaborate with North African forces, respond to any amphibious raids or limited objective attacks, the evacuation of noncombatant operations, humanitarian/civic action operations and tactical recovery of personnel or aircraft. 

United States Airforce 

The United States Air Force is a reliable and trusted joint partners with other sister services that are known for integrity in all their activities. The key activity is supporting joint missions foremost. The mission of the U.S Airforce is to fly, fight and win in space, air, and cyberspace. There is ten major commands in 30 field operating agencies. These include three direct reporting units that have their corresponding subordinate elements to constitute the field organization that implements the Air Force mission. Furthermore, there are two additional reserve components that include the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Guard. The operations are conducted in close cooperation with the other United States agencies, allies, African partners and other intergovernmental organizations. The African Command of the United States air force offers supporting roles such as the ONWARD LIBERTY in Liberia. 

In regards to exercises, The United States command sponsors exercise that enhances AFRICOM, allied capability, partner and interoperability and to encourage in some capacities the development of partner security capability. The other aspect that the United States Airforce is to instill professional ethos among the African military elements. 

Coast Guard services in North Africa 

The United States Coast Guard is one of the five components that make up the Armed Forces. As such, they exist to defend and preserve the United States as a free nation. The other additional duties that Coast Guard has is to protect the interests, population, the marine transportation and other critical infrastructure (United States, 1939). 

Currently, the Coast Guard provides assistance to Sailors and Marines, especially in the United States Navy-led African Partnership Station. In this instance, their mission is to augment the maritime governance of the African nations and to also foster cooperation amongst their countries and with the United States. Examples of some of the tasks that the Coast Guard has performed include the enforcement of fisheries within the EEZ. Additionally, the Coast Guard was involved in the various efforts to combat piracy off the Horn of Africa. The Coast Guard also has the obligation of search and rescue. In this mission, they are responsible for placing the security of the United States. 

Special Operations Forces 

The United States special operations command has two key missions. The first mission is to offer a fully capable special operations to defend the interests of the United States and to synchronize planning of global operations that are geared against terrorist networks. Some of the USSOCOM priorities may include deterring , disrupt and to defeat any terrorist threats. In this priority, the USSOCOM plans and conducts special operations. The second priority of the USSOCOM is to develop and support the people and families of the United States. The final priority that the USSOCOM has is to sustain and modernize the Force. After 2004, the USSOCOM’s mission was expanded so as to deal with global terrorist networks. 

Strategic Lift 

In order for the unites states military to successfully undertake its assigned tasks as per the government's National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy, the ability depends on the capability of the deployment of forces, equipment and the sustainment of a theater of operations in a specified period of time. The logistics department of Strategic Lift is responsible for the transportation of people, equipment, commodities, by land, sea and air. The United States Transportation Command currently oversees the strategic mobility process in times of war and peace. The other function that the United States Transportation Command undertakes is the performance of special pick up or delivery at points that are not necessarily at established AMC routes or channels. The strategic lift has three key segments that include the international, aeromedical and national evacuation. In North Africa, the United States Transportation Command is responsible for coverts operations that may involve the supply of aid to areas that have been overrun by the Islamic State Militants. 


United States. (1939). Coast Guard bulletin . Washington, D.C: Treasury Dept., Coast Guard. 

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