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The prenatal health program

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The prenatal health program is vital as far as enhancing the health of the mother and child is concerned. Despite the health benefits associated with the prenatal health services, a significant number of mothers do not follow the program to its end. While the cost of health could be one of the contributing factors, there are other major reasons prompting a large number of pregnant women avoid the program. One of the benefits of the prenatal program is to monitor the progress of the child and the general health of the mother (Ormella, 2010). For instance, the healthcare providers will be able to advice pregnant mothers on matters of best nutrition based on medical evidence. Some mothers may have pregnancy complications, which may only be determined by attending the prenatal program (Fiscella, 1995). It is imperative that the healthcare sector conduct a study with an aim of establishing the contributing factors towards resistance to the prenatal services. In most hospitals, the cost of accessing the healthcare has been subsidized through the Medicaid. Therefore, the cost of healthcare is the major problem in explaining the increased number of women dropping out of the program. The following questions may assist in writing SWOT analysis as well as the main reasons why a high number of women avoid prenatal services. 

What are the benefits of the prenatal program? 

It is important to establish the main benefits of the prenatal programs. Unless the pregnant mothers know the benefits, it may be difficult for them to attend to the end. One of the perceptions is that women can only attend the program when they have a problem that is related to pregnancy (Santrock, 2013). However, there are various benefits and one does not need to be in any pain to stick to the program. The prenatal health offers valuable information on diet, physical exercises during pregnancy, and monitoring the health of the baby. In case of any medical condition, the healthcare providers are able to have it addressed within immediately. Such benefits make the prenatal program important. 

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What is the knowledge gap on the benefits of prenatal program? 

The knowledge gap could be one of the main contributing factors towards dropping out of the prenatal programs (Sheiner, 2001). A significant number of women, especially those with a first pregnancy, may not have enough knowledge on the benefits of prenatal program. Healthcare organizations, through the healthcare providers have a responsibility of educating mothers on the benefits of the program. Pregnant mothers need to know that they do not have to be sick to attend to the program. 

Can pregnant women get vital information from other sources apart from the healthcare organization? 

One of the main challenges today, is that there are many sources of information. The social media and search engines, such as Google, are some of the sources of information (Stuebe & Schwarz, 2010). For instance, women can obtain knowledge about diet and how to detect any complications with the pregnancy. However, most of the information obtained from the internet is unreliable and may mislead the patients. Despite this, most of the women consider the internet as an important source of information, explaining why they avoid the prenatal program. 

What is the perception of pregnant women towards the prenatal program? 

The attitudes, beliefs, and perception of pregnant women towards the prenatal program will also have an effect on attendance. If they perceive the program as important and beneficial, the enrollment and attendance will be high. On the contrary, if they view the program as unnecessary, then the drop rate will be high. 

Mission Statement 

Providing comprehensive prenatal care services at an affordable cost. Creating a favorable environment that will foster good relationship between the pregnant women and the healthcare organization. 

The above mission statement shows the purpose of the healthcare organization. Reducing the cost of healthcare services is important in attracting as many customers as possible. The high cost of health may discourage most pregnant mothers from attending the prenatal program. A favorable environment that is characterized by good relationship between the healthcare providers and pregnant mothers is vital. 

Vision Statement 

To be the leading organization in ensuring that pregnant women have access to valuable prenatal information. To enhance access to prenatal health through Medicaid, fostering effective interaction with pregnant mothers, and providing quality service delivery. 

The vision statement above shows what the healthcare organization seeks to achieve in future. The organization seeks to ensure that pregnant women have access to valuable information that will assist in increasing the number of pregnant women in prenatal programs. Also, further cuts to the cost of health are geared towards ensuring that more pregnant women can afford the services. The organization also seeks to continue improving the quality of health services and enhancing good relationship with clients. All these strategies will assist in addressing the existing challenge. 


In addressing the challenge of prenatal program attendance, the following objectives are necessary: 

To establish the prenatal program knowledge gap among the pregnant women 

To determine the views of the pregnant women on the prenatal program 

To evaluate the major benefits of the prenatal program 

To establish if other sources of prenatal information have an effect on attendance of prenatal program. 

In conclusion, the objectives and questions above will play an imperative role in providing valuable information about the prenatal program. The healthcare organization will be able to make informed decisions based on the information obtained. As a result, the management will be able to have an amicable solution to the existing problem. 


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