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The Role of Collaboration in Crisis Intervention

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Even though crises are often difficult situations, pitting two or more parties against each other, their resolution can be attained through the application of a diverse array of crisis intervention mechanisms, including but not limited to collaboration. Collaboration, by definition, is the engagement of two or more parties towards a common purpose, which in this case, is the resolution of conflict ( Anyanwu, 2009).    Generally, with respect to crises and crisis intervention, collaborative efforts by one or more parties play a major role in trying to achieve the desired results.   

Teachers strike s, in spite of their legality or a lack of it therefore, usually occasion crises. I exist within a global community that, from time to time, has to deal with teachers strikes. More particularly, strikes, called for by teachers’ unions, are a progressing issue within my local community.   The   most recent   strike ,   was ordered to demand for a couple things including; increased   public   funding for schools; pledged terms and conditions of work in all types of schools;   a reformation of the   teachers’   workload   regime ; and   the provision of state   security for   the school community ( Gurney-Read, 2016).   

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This teachers ’   strike , quite alike most of the rest,   was characterized by a little bit of violence,   seeing as   the street protests disrupted peace in the community, forcing   the   closure of schools and   in the process,   threatening the   of safety   teachers who   had   refuse d   to cooperate with the demands of the union. 

Evidently,   such like strikes occasion crises, and this calls for the application of crisis intervention mechanisms that ensure their long-term resolution, in this case, collaboration amongst the various stakeholders.   The parties   to be engaged   include; the union, government, police, volunteers and private companies. Each party will play a role in ensuring that the strike is called off and that students get quality education.   There’ s an urgent need for the long-term resolution of teachers’ strikes   in order to avoid closure of schools,   and   interruptions to teaching programs and exam timetables ( Millar, 2015). 

  The role of the government is to ensure that there are proper negotiations between the teachers ’   union and the   concerned state organs. The government’ s   involvement w ill purposefully ensure the  attainment of political goodwill with regards to the resolution of the strike.   As such, a reformation of the teaching community’ s terms of employment shall be an achievable goal.   

There exists the problem of an unmanageable workload within the teaching profession. Conversely, there also exists the problem of youth unemployment within my local community. As such, these unemployed youth are to be encouraged to enter into productive work, as contracted volunteers in the many public schools that continue to face staff shortages.  This in turn, will ensure the expansion of the teaching community, effectively reducing workloads, and improving the quality of teacher-student interactions.   The volunteers should be trained on the basics of teaching. 

On the hand, a section of the police should be assigned to provide security to the students and teachers working late or early. The use   of   technology to improve security should be applied, for example , the   use of CCTV camera surveillance to take down criminals. By taking in the criminals that are a threat to the school, security within and around the school is enhanced leading to   a   safer working environment. This leads to better results by both the teachers and students. 

The private sector , in line with corporate social responsibility,   should provide assistance in terms of funding to as many students as can be possibly attained   they. This will ease the burden on the government and students   to fund academics . The funding should be provided either   directly or indirectly. Sponsorship opportunities to the students, gives them more zeal to work hard and achieve more. With collaboration , the   success ful resolution of teachers’ strike and their associate problems   is achievable. 


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Millar, F. (2015). Teacher strikes divide us. Let’s unite instead Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/education/2015/apr/13/teacher-strikes-funding-heads-governors 

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