11 Aug 2022


The role of sport in my life: how swimming has helped me grow and achieve my goals

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I have been swimming for many years as a hobby, as well as, during competitions. However, I continued pursuing the sport considering that I had a great passion which assisted in motivation. It reached its peak after winning several awards after being in the first position. The results that I eventually achieved helped me to become more persistent since there was a prize to be awarded in the long run after the hard work. 

The sport plays an important role since it links individuals to other nations globally, whereby opportunities are created. The main challenge that the athletes are likely to face is related to culture shock or language barrier which may hinder understanding. Also, my coach assisted me to discover potential. For instance, I was assigned to individual events rather than relays. Moreover, after numerous training sessions, I was allowed to participate in such events since teamwork and cooperation were the main factors that helped the achievement of a common goal. 

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Additionally, I have used my expertise to train some physically challenged individuals who performed well in international competitions. A leader should portray a good example to ensure that nobody goes astray. On the other hand, I was appointed as the team captain, therefore, hard work pays. Johnny Weissmuller is a historical figure who motivated me through my entire career. He was one of the world's best swimmers considering that he won sixty-seven world records in a row. He was aggressive, hard-working, and, disciplined which are the values that I view as a priority. 

SMU is important since it enables individuals to be focused and achieve the set targets within the required time frame. As such, it would assist me to achieve the required traits that would enable me to develop my career as a result of growth and development. 

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