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Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Athletes encounter different types of injuries in their sports, and most of these injuries rarely cause death or extreme health effects on them. The most serious threat athletes face in their day- to – day activities are brain injury, which comes along with adverse effects on one’s health. In sports world, brain I injuries cause career termination or long periods out of sports, which causes drastic drop in player forms. Brain injuries are mostly encountered in sports that involve the players countering each other or in high-speed games. In most sports, little preventive measures are in place to reduce collisions and injuries. When athletes suffer brain injuries, they are taken off the field, and this, in turn, affects their careers to great depths. Putting up preventive measures to reduce incidences of brain injuries is the only solution to save both lives and careers of athletes who are always at risk of losing either or both of the two important aspects. Connectedly, the essay focuses on the research question; which sports are Traumatic Brain Injuries most commonly acquired, and what can be done to prevent this injury in athletes further as opposed to simply removing them from the game.

DISCIPLINE 1: Sports-related Head Injury

The author of this article used data presented to him by the U.S Consumer Safety Product Commission. The data used by the author was obtained by electronic surveillance of injuries reported in State hospitals (Brandon 2015) . The data also included statistics of all kinds of injuries in 10 sports played within Boston. These injuries were sampled based on their nature and the sports in which they were encountered. The author gives evidence of all the statistics presented in this article by giving numbers corresponding to all the information listed. Evidence in this article includes tables of injuries reported from U.S consumer commission. From this study, the researcher found out that cycling, with 85705 cases, is the leading sport in causing brain injuries (Brandon 2015) . Football, softball, basketball, and water sports follow in that order. According to this research, the number of injuries caused by cycling doubles that caused by football. The author found out that cyclers need measures to reduce the trend. This article is of much help in the research paper as it gives statistics on the different causes of brain injuries.

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DISCIPLINE 1: A Heads- Up on Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sports

Hodge Jnr uses surveys to gather information on the leading sport in causing brain injuries. In his surveys, Hodge visits hospitals and gets to know the cause of the injuries from patients in the wards. He also visits the CDC and gets figures on the matter. He uses these two methods to come up with the statistics for his article. Just as the previous author, the writer of this article supports his ideas with statistics obtained from his research (Hodge 2014) . According to Hodge, cycling leads in causing brain injuries, but it is football that reports most injuries among the players, coaches, and even the spectators. The use of this article is of much help in attaining the right information about brain injuries (Hodge 2014) .

DISCIPLINE 2: Sports-Related Concussions in Youth

The author of this article, Duma, uses a report tabled by the committee on safety in sports to come up with the different ways of preventing head injuries. The committee had earlier researched different ways to prevent concussions that lead to brain injuries. The author gives evidence on why helmets are safer than playing on uncovered heads. The author states that helmets reduce risk of brain injuries by 69%, which is a figure obtained from the research of committee on safety (Duma 2014) . The author found out that policies regulating fair play and safety are to be enforced. He concludes that the most appropriate ways to prevent head injuries are prohibition of illegal contacts, making the use of helmets to be mandatory and having concussion policies to prevent deaths due to injuries (Duma 2014) . This article is helpful because it gives ways in which the problem can be prevented and adds details on what is to be done in the event of a concussion.

DISCIPLINE 2: Ways to Reduce Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports

Brooke De Lench uses policies developed by sports governing bodies. He conducts interviews with heads of different sports in the U.S and comes up with ways of preventing brain injuries. The author gives full evidence of statistical data on the best ways to prevent these injuries. For instance, He indicates that the U.S football governing body bans all children aged below ten years from heading balls (Lench 2018) . This is evident in today’s football world where the children of 10 years and below are protected from brain injuries by restricting them from using heads to play. The author found out that in sports that involve a lot of contacts, brain injuries can be prevented by delaying contact starting (Lench 2018) . In other regular sports like cycling and volleyball, use of helmets is necessary to protect the head. This article brings new information on the importance of prevention of brain injuries and thus is of much help in the research paper.

Discipline(s) consulted Title of Article Author of Article Focus of Insight Evaluation of Insight
Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sports A Heads-Up on Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sports Hodge Jnr. Gives statistics on brain injury in sports Useful
Sports-related Head Injury Sports-Related Concussions in Youth Duma Focuses on giving awareness of the different injuries in sports Very Useful
Brain Injury Safety Tips Brain Injury Safety Tips Brandon Limon Focuses on giving ways to prevent brain injuries Very useful
  Ways to Reduce Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports Brooke De Lench Educates on how to prevent brain injuries Useful


Gitterman, Alex. "Building Mutual Support In Groups".  Social Work With Groups , vol 28, no. 3-4, 2006, pp. 91-106.  Informa UK Limited , doi:10.1300/j009v28n03_07 

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