19 Aug 2022


The success of the series "The Walking Dead"

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In the movie Series the Walking Dead, there is scene in which according to the director and the creators of the film depict specific themes that best suits the audience understanding. Walking Dead refers to the series or works that depict horrific apocalyptic scenes concerning the world of Zombie or rather the “walking dead.” Death is described in a sense that most scenes are all about survival tactics of the surviving human characters against death, or being infected by the dead. The Walking Dead is a franchised medium that is illustrated more in the various media, from the comic to the TV Series and commentary books that were either published or aired since 2013. The theme has also depicted in the gaming world. However, every scene couples with different success in illustrating the ideas. 

Movies are the best means of revealing to the audience a particular scene as shown by the comic or the literary works. In particular, second episode of the fifth season of the TV series has signaled a gruesome scene. Many viewers are afraid of the zombies which resulted in the return of Terminus who were hunters and cannibals. According to comic and Movie reviewers, the movie scene of the cannibalism must have left millions of being traumatized (Leon, 2014). The leader of the Terminus is forcing Bob to watch as he bites out his own amputated leg. Gareth tells Bob that the found themselves in the situation and a reminder that his people were destroyed by Terminus forcing them to survive by hunting people. The Theme is a justification about the evolution of the Zombies which underlies the theme of the TV series. In comparison to the comic series, the Walking Dead graphic novels, Terminus are known as the Hunters. Dale’s legs are eaten instead of Bob’s as they were captured as they were delivering information to save the world (“The Walking Dead: Fear the Hunters,” 2010). However traumatic the scene is in both scenarios, the comic series has shown the best form of success because of the graphical representation of the apocalyptic cannibalism is not as gruesome that instill fear to many fans of the TV series. The success of the TV show can drop as statistics suggest that some can faint or fall ill while watching cannibalistic scenes. Comic Series justifies the strength of the apocalyptic theme in a friendlier but at the same time picture fear in eating another man. In theatrical Arts, Directors and producers have different means to publish their issues that capture the audience attention. The Walking Dead is a well-known horror and huge apocalyptic TV, or Comic series that viewers are aware from the topic of the book. Justifying the success can be viewed differently by viewers but by opinion, reading horrific cannibalism is far much better because it is gruesome that should not be considered. 

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“ The Walking Dead: Fear the Hunters” (2010, January 6 th ). Vol.11, issue 61-66. 

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