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The Wicked Problem by Marguerite Roza

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The Wicked Problem by Marguerite Roza tries to explain briefly on what happens to the school funds. On the other hand, those in charge cannot explain clearly on what the funds are doing. Schools are funded by the local, federal and state government. Most of the funds are given by the state government, that is, it gives 47% of the funds. The money id divided up into categories according to what is going to do. Some is allocated to student instruction which is the major thing that the money is spent on (Osberg & Pattin, 2010). In addition, the money is allocated to other services like operations and student support that are provided within the schools. What the schools cannot do is providing a record of the exact amount of money it spends in each category. On the other hand, the districts do not also provide a record of the exact amount they provide (Roza, 2012). 

The speaker further says that the money allocated for school funding should be clearly accounted for. The lack of proper accounting brings the whole ‘wicked problem’. Administrators are not in a position to explain clearly how they are using the money allocated for schools. This is a problem that has been going on for a while in different schools. The money might be used up for personal gain thus making it hard to account for it (Smith, 2016). On the other hand, lack of proper recording makes it more difficult to follow up on how the funds are being used by the schools. To solve the whole problem, accountability should start off from the state, federal and local governments. They should provide details on the amount of funds disbursed. In addition, the speaker suggests that professional accountants should be hired so that they can prepare and give clear records on how school money is being used (Francis, 2016). If the solutions are implemented, ‘the wicked problem’ will end. 

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