22 Dec 2022


Too Much Intelligence: The Dangers of AI

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Ken Bodine has shaped the sales culture by making it competitive. This is the reason why Cody suspects that Ken Bodine uses some antics that are sneaky. However, there is no proof of this allegation making it a risky move. A high risk exists of someone finding that the move made by Cody happened outside the company, which means that someone may lose their job. In my understanding, this was a pre-conventional level of ethical development. For this reason, Ken seems to care only about his interests when it comes to the success of the company and its sales. It is evident that Ken did not want to do the job of looking for ways to attract the company and in the process invited Ali and Cody to do the work for him. 


Based on the utilitarian approach to ethical decision making, the action chosen one that brings the greatest good for the greatest number of people. This means that Cody ought to have made a decision putting into consideration all the people affected by his moves. For this reason, he would not have unethically acquired the secrets of another company without analyzing the impacts that such a move has on the industry. From the practical approach, Cody ought to have thought about the stakeholders, the standards that he is supposed to follow and evaluation of the impact of his decision. In fact, Cody would have used the rules, policies, and the social norms that apply to such a case. One of the things that he could have done is consider the long-term impact of the decision for him or the stakeholders. In this case, he used individualism approach where he based the idea on the benefits that it has for him. His main aim was to defeat Ali. 

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