23 Nov 2022


Trans-Pacific Partnership, Walmart's Corporate Strategy and International Monetary System

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Trans-Pacific Partnership 

I agree with President Trump’s decision to renegotiating its position in the trade agreements that were agreed many years ago is advantageous to America and its economy. The bolting out of America in Trans-Pacific Partnership and the NAFTA renegotiation has met with a lot of resistance and protest by many Americans and the international communities. However, if examined closely, President Trump is right for all his actions. Some of this agreement were made many years ago, the economic situations of different nations that negotiated were different in comparison to the current situations ( McKenzie, 2017). . Some countries have grown stronger economically whereas other countries have had slight growth of the economy. Therefore, there is a need for renegotiating the pact that was made several years ago. Trump and his administration prefer bilateral agreement since it involves two parties and has more leverage, USA is not reduced to the lowest common denominator, and it is easier to withdraw from the agreement. China has been engaging in bilateral negotiation, and it has strengthened its economy over the years, and America wants to mirror the same policies since it has more benefits compared to the pacts that were negotiated several years ago ( McKenzie, 2017) . Trump wants to increase the GDP of USA and increase the wages of USA workers by engaging in bilateral negotiation since it gives America an upper hand in negotiating. 

Corporate Strategy 

Differentiation Strategy 

Walmart employs the differentiation strategy to enhance its success through creating its services and products unique to clients, according to ReferenceForBusiness.com. If the future is in the mind of the client or it is real, the client should believe that they are being offered something distinct ( Thompson, 2017) . The management of Walmart has ensured that its products are marketed in a certain manner that the client has a feeling that all they need is found in the stores of Walmart. The company has attained this strategy by offering distinct brand images and warranties. Wal-Mart’s clients have a belief that what the company offers them is not found it anywhere else. The industry has influenced the differentiation strategy Walmart is posing by ensuring the managers guarantee the quality of services and goods is according to the clients ( Thompson, 2017) . Other competitors in the industries are ready to pounce on the mistakes that Wal-Mart makes so that they can attract the client base that it has. 

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Technology & International Monetary System 

In my opinion, the global monetary system is good for countries and companies if the people who are controlling it have the best interest of countries. If it is applied well in the desired manner, it is the best approach since it provides countries and companies the global financial stability which is required for businesses to thrive. Also, the global monetary system can be used to provide temporary financial assistance to the nation that is in debt especially the nations with balance of payments difficulties. The global monetary system is a good thing since its outcomes can be seen in many developing countries especially those in Africa, their economies have gradually improved over the years. The global monetary system has helped many countries and companies strengthen their business foundations since they can access money that can help the business in its expansion. Despite the advantages that are associated with the global monetary system it has some challenges that have made some nations shun from the global monetary system. Some people deliberately destabilize the global monetary system to create uncertainty which is not good for business. 


McKenzie Baker. (2017). The Pros and Cons of Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements. 


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