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Ukraine's Foreign Relations and Economy

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A political framework comprises of casual and formal structures which show the state's sway over a region and individuals. The framework additionally constitutes parity among contending interests, abilities and wills. Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe, and its capital city is called Kiev. It is a sovereign state that has a presidential-parliamentary system of government. The state also has its own territory, national emblem, state flag and national anthem. Its constitution has a president who is elected by the people. The president after that appoints a prime minister who is later confirmed by the parliament and a unicameral parliament. The current president of Ukraine is Viktor Yanukovych who took the office in the year 2010 after a democratic election. For many years, Ukraine had been under the leadership of Ukrainian Communist Party. The purpose of this essay is based on researching the political system of Ukraine and the level of economy that it stands at today. 

When the Soviet Union came to an end in the 1990s, Ukraine was able to gain its independence where the political system experienced rapid changes. It was then that the states elastic stamp governing body, Supreme Soviet was changed over to a working parliament called the Supreme Council (TARAS, 2016). The supreme council consists of 450 members operating under one legislature. The members are elected for a five-year term following free multi-candidate elections. Ukraine’s president has been given strong executive powers to appoint representatives and issue decrees. The president represents the nation in foreign affairs, political activities; he also conducts negotiations as well as concludes international treaties. The government’s administration belongs to the Council of Ministers that is led by the prime minister. 

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The Ukrainian political parties include the Republican Party, Christian -Democratic Party, the Green Party, Peasant- Democratic Party founded in 2011 and led by Stanislav Nikolaenko, Socialist party that was founded in 1991 and led by Oleksandr Moroz and the Democratic party.The mentioned parties have small memberships, and they exhibit the legacy of antiparty feeling taking after many years of Communist party ruling and principles. In addition, the state has established its armed forces and they include the airforce, navy and the army (TARAS, 2016). 

Strengths and Weaknesses 

Ukraine has a strong agricultural and industrial sector due to the fertility of its land, not forgetting the geographical location. Ukraine has powerful pipelines that link the Russian energy trade to European markets. The right to vote is also a significant strength in the state that has been well enforced and guaranteed by the constitution. 

The government finances of Ukraine are not doing as great as monetary arrangement is feeble and the spending equalization has ceaselessly recorded shortfalls over the past years. In addition, the government debt has continued to rise to a critical level of around 70% of GDP at the beginning of 2015.There have been issues of corruption within the government and the corruption perception index being 142 out of 175 countries. Ukraine’s external position is structurally weak as their accounts have suffered deficits with a very low FX level. 

Ukraine’s pressing domestic policies 

The internal policies of Ukraine have been a great crisis, and this has led to the ruling team encountering so many problems in different segments of the home affairs. Ukraine’s problems have gone to the extent that the Russian government has interfered with the seizing of Ukraine’s Crimea region. This happened because the Russian government have not fully come to terms that Ukraine is no longer in the Soviet Union and they feel that Ukraine belongs to its political and economic orbit. 

The American government has therefore strongly condemned the Russian government for its incursion into Ukraine and seizing Crimea. The United States in conjunction with the EU has therefore imposed sanctions against the economic sector of the Russians. The US has implemented a lot of funds in assistance to the Ukraine government to assist it in carrying out political and economic reforms, as well as booster the security sector. The US government has also contributed in humanitarian support to help displaced Ukrainians (TARAS, 2016). 

Foreign Relations 

Relations between Ukraine and the European Union began after the states independence when Netherlands foreign affairs minister officially recognised Ukraine’s independence. The policy that was aimed at developing Ukraine-EU relations was gotten from the laws that were made in Ukraine. The signing and confirmation of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement have pushed the method of change of a subjectively new sort of relations on the benchmarks of political alliance and fiscal integration. The EU considers Ukraine as the nation of essential significance in the structure of the European Neighbourhood Policy. 

The Agreement subsequently frames the legitimate premise of participation amongst Ukraine and the EU for the medium term point of view. Among different exercises would be the unhindered commerce region and the opening open doors for doable money related change and accomplishment to each one of the zones of Ukraine and notwithstanding its neighbours. The EU also stands with Ukraine as it supports it to stabilize its economic and political situation and constitutional reforms. The connection between Ukraine’s internal and external policies has increased its implementing changes (Moskalenko & Streltsov, 2015). 

Ukraine has remained to be an EU member and has recently signed amendments to the Agreement of Visa facilitation, making it simple for the Ukrainians to access visa thus strengthening its relations. Ukraine as of late commended its twentieth commemoration of political relations with the United States. The US has kept on being an awesome supporter to fortify the Ukrainian government. In addition, its partnership with NATO has remained on the high edge as Ukraine faithfully participates in NATO-led programs. 

On another perspective, the government of Ukraine approved the country’s state budget to be an estimate of $ 4 billion. This amount was to cater for the security issues in Ukraine including the Anti-Terrorist Operation in eastern Ukraine (Pike, 2016). However, a bill to amend the budget was put in motion, and it was decided that the military budget should amount to UAH 50 billion. The defence minister stated that the budget was to increase the military units by training new recruits as well as create special operations forces (Pike, 2016). Moreover, the Ukraine government has intentions of raising the budget up to 3% of the country’s GDP. The following diagram shows the military budget trend from the year 2006 to 2011. 


The GDP is a pointer that is utilized to gage the national pay and the yield of a given country's economy.GDP is equal to the total utilizations of each and every last extraordinary and organizations conveyed over a specific timeframe (Trading Economist, 2016). 

The GDP of Ukraine in 2015 was approximately 90 billion dollars. Globally; Ukraine has a GDP value of 0.15%. 

The following diagram represents the Ukraine GDP. 

The economic growth in Ukraine has not been stable for the past two years, but it is expected that the economic growth will rise gradually. The value of Ukraine’s currency has dropped over the years although the government is on measures to control it. Consumer confidence in Ukraine has dropped from 80% to 72% according to Trading Economics. The employment rate is currently at 7%, a decrease from the year 2009.It is reported that Ukraine’s companies lack skilled employees despite the fact that there are a lot of college graduates in the country (Skorobogatova, 2016). 

The service sector, on the other hand, is the fastest growing sector with an average of 9% between 2004 and 2012.The labor force has a percentage of 68 % that works in the sector. The service sector mainly comprises of the transport sector and the communication sector that has accounted for approximately 60% of GDP. The infrastructure in Ukraine is old but has continued to receive the government’s attention since independence. The transport sector is dominated by railways. There is a well-developed air transport communication, capable vendor and traveller armada working in the bowls of the Black and Asov sea and on the traversable waterways. Telecommunication has improved expansively so is the modern technology. 

Ukraine’s economy status has crumbled down. The Agriculture sector has been making less than 10% of GDP, yet the country has the potential to make more. The reason for this drop has been as a result of depressed farm incomes and a lack of modernization within the sector (Skorobogatova, 2016).  The president of Ukraine is determined to make the state attractive to foreign investors. The president has decided to resolve the obstacles that make international investing difficult. These include the laws and regulations, poor corporate governance and the complex tax codes. 

In conclusion, Ukraine should move forward as it has the potential and abandon its reliance on other nations for outside funding. The goods and services prices should be set on a realistic level. The government and its official should go on a mission to end corruption if it actually wants to progress. 


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