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Unemployment and Lack of Economic Opportunities

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Unemployment has been attributed to perform issues. Lack of necessary skills can lead to someone lacking employment since there is no prior working proof and competence on the job (O’Higgins, 2015). Additionally conflict in workplace with other employees or the management can cause one to be fired hence rendering one jobless (Falzon, 2017). Some situations such as hard economic conditions can lead to a company retrenching some staff to keep it in operations thus the affected employees becoming unemployed ( Christiano, Eichenbaum & Trabandt, 2016 ). Another element that causes unemployment is mismatch between the skills and the jobs available. This might lead to unemployment since the skills available will not be absorbed to fill the job positions since the two requirements do not match (Ezzy, 2017). Unemployment among the youth is high due to lack of experience. Most of the youths are fresh graduates hence lack the experience necessary for hiring in some job positions.

Performance issues is one of the element that has been well critically thought of. Workplaces requires staffs who are committed in their work therefore when some employees start showing signs of mediocrity and disturbance then the management has no option but to fire such employees ( Jahoda, Lazarsfeld & Zeisel, 2017 ). Economic conditions too are reasonable grounds for laying down workers. A company has to maintain its status of operations hence such measures have to be taken to achieve those status. Lack of experience is not a legitimate cause for unemployment. This is because potential job candidates can be trained to gain the necessary skills required for one to be employed. Mismatch between the skills and the jobs available should also not be a cause for unemployment (Vogel, 2015). The fact that the job seekers have the necessary education shows that they are competent enough and only require opportunities such as internships to sharpen their skills (Nassetta, 2016).

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