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Unilever Company: Multinational Company Project

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Unilever Company is a British- Dutch transnational consumer decent company. Its co headquarters is located in the London United Kingdom and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Unilever offers products such as cleaning agents and detergents, food and beverages and personal care products. The Company’s mission i s to increase vitality in life and to meet the requirements and needs of every day in all areas. The areas include cleanliness and sanitation, personal care, and nutrition that assist people to look decent, feel great and accomplish extra out of life. Unilever’s vision is to work to establish a superior future consistently. Also, grow and develop better ways of working together that will benefit all the company to twofold the extent of the organization while lowering the ecological effect.

The Global Competitive Index (GCI) ranks Unilever’s home country as one of the most competitive nations based on the twelve pillars of competitiveness, efficiency, innovation and the economy operations. London and Rotterdam have numerous institutions promoted by the establishment of the Unilever company in the home country. This is the first pillar of competitiveness that Unilever is ranked on . Also, appropriate infrastructure is another pillar of the competitive index that Unilever’s home country is ranked based on . There is numerous modern infrastructure such as communication and transport channels that makes London and Rotterdam ranked high based on the global GCI. A well-established macroeconomic framework also promotes a high rank for Unilever’s home come country ranking based on GCI. Other pillars include proper health as well as foundational education, tertiary education and training, market efficiency, labor market efficiency and an advanced financial market. Furthermore, advanced technology and a wide-market, domestic and international market are also key pillars that promote a high rank for London and Rotterdam.

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At Unilever Company, work usually is organized and divided into groups. This makes it easier for completion of all tasks and on time. The work is also equally divided, so no employee feel overloaded or overworked. Management of work is also conducted in groups. The company is large, thus doing activities in groups makes it easier to keep records. Training of new employees is also done in groups. This makes sure that each of the employees has understood and obtained the requirements and expectations of the company. The company maintains and upholds a good culture towards all its employees. There is no gender discrimination in the company. Both males and females have the same right, privileges, and opportunities. During recruitment and promotions, there is no discrimination and distinctions as long as one has the right requirements and qualification for the job.

Unilever’s strategy focuses on building and maintaining a good relationship between the employees and managers. Managers keep harmony and peace in the company ; they avoid conflicts with employees. Therefore, providing a comfortable and pleasant environment for the employees to work (Ghoshal & Bartlett, 1990). The company holds extra outdoor activities several times a year to strengthen the solidarity and uplift work effectiveness in every department in particular and the entire organization. The managers can solve problems, acquire more skills and are experienced . They also have decisiveness and competitiveness which help them defeat other companies. A proper Human Resource Management strategy is vital for any given multinational company such as Unilever. The international managers need to ensure that the right person is assigned the right job at the right amount then create a cohesive job network among all the employees. Reasonably, the strategy ensures that executive continuity in workforce and confidence for the HR to perform his or her duties and equality among all workers. Also, the multinational company gets a chance to benchmark with other multinational companies with years of experience.

Unilever Company upholds integrity and always creates a positive impact on anyone they work together. The company has values and principles which they sustain and this assists in the growth and foster a good relationship between Unilever and its stakeholders plus business partners. Integrity describes the company’s behavior, and speech wherever they are. Therefore, this guides and assists Unilever to do things correctly and in the right manner hence acquiring success. Establishment of respect among everyone be it, managers or employees is always there. The company respects each person’s religious beliefs and no discrimination due to religion or faith. The relationship between the company and its competitor also has a basis of respect and excellent communication (Fieldhouse, 1994). The company always creates a positive impact through the way they engage and relate with their business partners and the society at large.

Unilever has clear policies that guide the company and protect the right of employees. The company believes in fairness, safety, and health system for its workers, integrity, and responsibility. The company knows its duty in protecting and providing protection of health for all the employees, visitors and contracts present in operating sites. These sites include research laboratories, offices, sales and distribution, and manufacturing. Safety for all these people comes first. There is also responsible leadership and a stable policy framework. Leaders are responsible and aware of their roles and duties in the company (Lingard, 2006). The leaders and managers are aware that the company is accountable for 161,000 employees who manufacture the products which are distributed and sold to 190 countries. Also, the company is responsible for the community and its consumer’s safety. Unilever believes in caring for people and their needs and not being holistic to them.

Unilever is facing and experiencing global challenges such as risk management, customer relationships, and sustainability. Speaking of customer relationships, Unilever works and operates in one of the world’s most robust marketplaces. Selling and distributing their branded products to supermarkets such as Morrison’s and Sainsbury and other tough clients. Maintaining a good relationship goes hand in hand with the offering and delivering excellent products. They also have competitors too and to win their confidence and trust, they must foster good relationship through providing excellent products. In risk management, Unilever experiences risk ranging from political and natural disasters risks. They face the risk that might after and change consumer preference and taste hence affecting their chain of supply. Talking of sustainability, Unilever here faces a major challenge. The company is expected to sustain its consumers and clients without interfering with the profit and growth of the company. Also, minimi ze the effect on the environment and the society (Epstein, 2018). Therefore, this means increasing positive impact without affecting employees and the environment.

Unilever can create an effective positive marketing strategy in various ways that can also facilitate its growth and wide market coverage. One way this multinational company can do so is through innovation whereby the company actively changes its brands depending on consumer interests and market trends. Also, continuous improvement is another way that the company can create a positive competitive advantage and achieve its goals.

Human resource department at Unilever poses and help the stable growth of the company. They are always innovative and know how to deal with and approach people both employees and clients. T hus, these assists develop and retain the outstanding image and reputation. Also, ensure adequate qualified managers in every department helping in proper supervision and management of work (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 1987). The scarcity of managers is a significant challenge in many multinational companies, but as for Unilever, the company is well equipped. Therefore, due to proper human resource management, the company acquires the right and qualified people for the jobs in the right time. Thus, this helps deliver excellent work and excellent products worldwide.


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