14 May 2022


Use of Native Language and Its Impact in Learning of English

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Title of the Study

A study to find out whether preschool children whose parents speak their native language have difficulty learning English as compared to those whose parents speak English.

Identification of the audience

Parents should recognize the appropriate way to help their preschool children understand English. This is through implementing necessary language rules at home. 

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Purpose of the study

This survey aims at finding out whether parents who speak their native languages make it difficult for preschool children to learn English as compared to those who speak English. It will provide a quantitative survey through the various levels of measurement and scale. Additionally, it will help parents realize their role in the language development process of their preschool children.


How likely are preschoolers able to master English if their parents use their native language only? 

Very unlikely 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 very likely

When evaluating a preschool child’s English mastery, please rank the impact of the following (Fill in the rank order using letters 1 through 3 with 1 being the most significant):

_ A parent’s use of their native language

_ A parent’s use of English 

_ A parent’s use of both English and their native language

With the use of both English and a native language by parents to preschoolers, how many hours per day of each language are required to ensure there is proper mastery of English?

Using 1 to represent English, and 2 to represent the native language, which is the most preferred language among the preschoolers?

What is the probability of preschoolers getting confused upon hearing English and their native language articulated around them?

Extremely improbable 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 extremely probable

As a parent, how did the use of your native language influence your preschooler’s mastery of English?

-Extremely influential

-Slightly influential 

-Somewhat influential


-Slightly non-influential

-Somewhat non-influential

-Extremely non-influential

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 representing a high probability of teaching both languages to your preschooler, and 5 a low probability, can you teach your child both English and their native language?

From research, family interaction, and use of native languages help stimulate numeracy, literacy, and higher cognitive abilities. Is this true from your experience?

Extremely false 1 – 2 – 3 extremely true

As a parent, is it true that using your native language to communicate with your child provides a good language model for them?

Extremely false 1 – 2 – 3 extremely true

How many months do preschoolers take to learn English after mastering their native languages?

Since The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has encouraged the use of native language in primary education, does it imply that native languages should be advocated for among the preschoolers? 

Very unrecommendable 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 very recommendable

Using 1 to represent the use of English, and 2 to represent the native language, how challenging did your preschooler find it to master English? 

-Extremely challenging

-Slightly challenging

-Somewhat challenging


-Slightly non- challenging

-Somewhat non- challenging

-Extremely non- challenging

Using 1 to represent ‘Yes,' and 2 to represent ‘No,' will you insist on using your native language even if your preschooler answers in English? 

Does using native languages among the preschoolers make them shy and non-interactive with their peers at school leading to poor learning of English?

-Extremely true

-Slightly true

-Somewhat true


-Slightly true

-Somewhat true

-Extremely true  

How can parents support their preschoolers make progress in learning English after having learned their native language? (Fill in the rank order using letters 1 through 2 with 1 being the most significant):

- Continual praise and encouragement for good performance in speaking

- Including their preschooler’s activities and language into family life

What parental advice would you give parents who opt not to speak to their children their native language (Fill in the rank order using letters 1 through 3 with 1 being the most significant):

-That it is the language their preschoolers are most likely to be proficient

- Putting a stop on the native language only hurts the preschooler’s language development

-Native languages enable proper mastery of English

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