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Visual Information Processing

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Visual information processing refers to the capability to interpret any information that a person sees. Essentially, vision directs the actions that a person takes. A perfect visual information processing translates to quick and accurate processing as well as the analysis of what is seen and then the information is stored within the visual memory to be retrieved later. Visual information processing is essential for a person to decide on the appropriate actions needed when handling specific circumstances or when interacting with a certain environment. For instance, students in a classroom read and write and it is essential for them to accurately decode the information, comprehend as well as remember what the reading material or teachers taught them.  

Notably, visual information processing can be classified into different sections. First is the visual-spatial skills whereby spatial awareness defined as the capability to make judgments regarding a person’s relations to the world. The skill is learned right from infancy and significantly depends on past persona experiences. Through this skill, children can develop a mutual understanding of themselves as a way of advancing their special concepts as well as judgment for personal directions. For the best handling of visual information, a complete and accurate directional response is vital (Adaval, Saluja, & Jiang, 2019). Such an ability of directional awareness is adopted when children become aware of the body, right/left awareness and reflect this understanding of their processing of directions. Significantly, kids with low special visual information are associated with poor knowledge for left and right directions as well as a reversal to words and letters and difficulties in the organization of space and time.  

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Another classification of visual information processing in visual analysis skills. The skills are for groups of personal capabilities to recall, reorganize and also manipulate information. Through visual analysis skills, a person gradually develops the ability to accurately discriminate visual images, therefore, being able to visually differentiate images according to their sizes, shapes, distance and also positions (Adaval, Saluja, & Jiang, 2019). Visual analysis skills primarily involve the formation of perceptions, developing visual perceptions and perception speed and developing visual memory. The skills are applicable in learning letters, numbers and words.  

A different classification of visual information processing skills is visual-motor ability. Visual-motor skills refer to eye-hand coordination that an individual develops through their advancement of visual-motor skills (Shah & SidheshNadkarni, 2019). The skill is useful in children as they learn activities such as holding a pen when writing, tying shoelaces among other simple life skills. Visual therapy is the best and recommendable way of improving a person’s visual perceptual abilities that are, the ability of a person to accurately process visual information received as the eyes move and store the information fast for later retrieval. Also, activities such as picture drawing, filling puzzles, a review of the work done as well as playing hidden picture games san significantly assist to improve visual information processing. 

Visual impairments also known as visual processing disorders are the disorders that significantly affect how the human brain perceives and processes visual information. Notably, visual processing disorders are not related to eye or visual defects but involve how the brain interprets the information that a person sees. Also, these disorders can happen even when a person has no eye defects of any form as they largely involve inaccurate interpretation of visual images by the brain. The associated problem can easily be tested in case a patient reports a consistent difficulty in handling tasks over a long time. 

There two conditions commonly associated with visual information processing. First, is the Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) commonly associated with a reduced visual response as a result of a neurological problem that affects a portion of the brain. Essentially, a child with CVI is said to have a normal eye condition or an eye ailment that is cannot be linked to any abnormalities in their visual behaviors. in developing nations, CVI is one of the most common problems among children. 

Under a CVI condition, the eyes structures seem normal. However, the pictures and signals sent to the brain are wrongly processed as a result of the abnormal brain functioning. Primarily, it is the cause of brain damage that negatively impacts visual information processing. Examples of these conditions are decreased blood supply to the brain, brain infections, seizure, head trauma, stroke among other neurological problems (Shah & SidheshNadkarni, 2019). Visual impairment maybe is seen among children and once noted, it is essential for appropriate measures to be taken to control the situation before it advances. To promote the fact healing process from the condition, early detection of CVI and prompt treatment greatly assists the patient to heal.  

Another condition associated with visual information processing is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) whereby a person is incapable of focusing, controlling their behaviors or reactions or even a combination of all these symptoms. The inability to focus negatively impacts a person’s ability to gather information through their visual senses from their surrounding environment, therefore, impairing their visual information processing (Shah & SidheshNadkarni, 2019). An individual suffering from ADHD will express signs such as restlessness, a disruptive behavior as well as impulsivity which contributes to a delayed interaction with their surroundings. Also, such patients are slow in completing tasks, processing the information as also have difficulties following information (Shah & SidheshNadkarni, 2019). ADHD evidence that the condition negatively impairs information processing by a patient.  

Currently, the trends in Visual Information Processing have taken on the use of developed models for visual information processing. Significantly, the assessment model is intended to distinguish the patterns of strengths and weaknesses taken by visual information processing. Current research evidence that the models can indicate the patterns which relate to the visual information processing to any other processes which are not related in any way (Shah & SidheshNadkarni, 2019). The model utilizes assessment quizzes as a way of examining a patient’s level of visual information processing. Another trend is the pediatrics application of visual information processing as a treatment therapy of the condition. Researchers have embarked on investigating visual information processing disorder and relating the outcome in vision therapy. Through these trending research, many people in the society that have the same problem can easily understand their conditions as well as gaining the positive outcomes to improve their abilities in accurate and precise processing of visual information.  

  In conclusion, the concept of visual information processing is significant and should not be ignored. Vision directs the actions that a person takes and perfect visual information processing transforms to rapid and accurate processing as well as the analysis of what is seen and then the information is stored within the visual memory to be retrieved later The effects of this health condition impacts a majority of human life as they interact with their environment. As discussed in the essay, poor visual information interpretation may lead to adverse effects on a person’s level of interaction with other people and the environment. Consequently, there is an urgent need to seek medical interventions in case a person detects any of the symptoms of visual information processing disorders. Early treatment and control essentially assist to avoid further effects of the conditions to the brain and the general lifestyle of a person. improving a person’s visual perceptual abilities that is, the ability of a person to accurately process visual information received as the eyes move and store the information fast for later retrieval. activities such as picture drawing, filling puzzles, a review of the work done and playing hidden picture games assists to improve visual information processing


Adaval, R., Saluja, G., & Jiang, Y. (2019). Seeing and thinking in pictures: A review of visual information processing.  Consumer Psychology Review 2 (1), 50-69. 

Shah, D., & SidheshNadkarni, S. (2019). Relationship between visual perceptual skills and reading: A case study.  PHONIX INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES

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